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Stop using and throwing away in the beauty routine! Let’s see the eco-sustainable and reusable beauty products to put in your beauty bag.

disposable beauty products
Classic plastic toothbrush (Pixabay)


Stop using and throwing away in the beauty routine! Let’s see the eco-sustainable and reusable beauty products to put in your beauty bag. A lot beauty products that we use every day are disposable. Today there are alternative eco-sustainable and washable solutions that can be reused. From makeup remover pads to sanitary napkins, let’s take a look at these solutions together.

The classics cotton pads they are compostable only if they are 100% cotton but, once used to remove make-up, they become rubbish to be thrown in the unsorted bin. The same goes for makeup remover wipes. On the market today there are cloth discs, of different materials. How to avoid waste?

Sustainable and reusable beauty products, I’m scrapping

disposable cosmetics
Natural soaps (Pixabay)

Makeup remover pads are a big hit bamboo fiber, soft and versatile. They are used like normal discs, after each use they are rinsed and left to dry. Sometimes, for a thorough wash, they can be washed in the washing machine. We then move on to toothbrush. We usually change it every three months, or even sooner, in case of very worn hair. However, this involves throwing away a large piece of plastic.

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There are ecological toothbrushes on the market whose head is interchangeable and allows you to throw away only the part with the bristles. Or, another alternative on the market to avoid waste is the wooden toothbrushes. We then move on to shampoo and soaps. For these products it is possible to aim for solid products, soaps that completely eliminate plastic. There are also eco-sustainable alternatives for sanitary napkins.

However, there is a great deal of mistrust towards washable pads but it is time to clarify some prejudices. Mistrust concerns above all the tightness and therefore if they really absorb. The answer is yes, and they absorb even more than plastic tampons. The feeling to wear is also pleasant, because they are soft and non-irritating fabrics in contact with the skin. Once used, they can be machine or hand washed.

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The initial expense is more constant than normal sanitary napkins, but then pays for itself over time as they last for years. Among the alternatives to sanitary napkins, there is also the menstrual cup. It is a soft cup, often made of silicone, to be inserted into the private parts like a normal tampon. It recovers the flow and must be emptied and washed before being reinserted. At the end of menstruation, intensive washing is carried out.

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