Summer 2022: fashionable outdoor and ecological holidays

Summer 2022: for Italians, the holidays are green

Summer vacation is fast approaching. What will the Italians choose? According to the economic newspaper Italy todayin 2022, tourism will be strongly focused on holidays ecological and on those outside. Travel within borders favored due to tensions international.

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Statistical data

In 2021 trips with night businesses by residents in Italy were 41,648,000, according to the report State widespread in recent days. The report clarifies that the data is close to 2020 levels but far from pre-pandemic; in 2019, the number of trips reached 71,883,000.


Istat adds that last year, timid signs of recovery have been observed during vacations of 4 or more nights (+ 25%) and for summer holidays. People who took at least one leave between July and September are the 33.9%compared to 30.9% in 2020. As they recover from the first year of the pandemic (+29%), travel abroad they represent only 26% of those registered in 2019, while the choice of Italian locations has proven to be stable (89.3% travel).

The international situation

But in 2022, something will change, because thealarm sanitary; on the other hand, the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine calls for caution on the foreign travel front, for fear of a further increase in international tension.

More durability

Meanwhile, according to research by the Observatory of BIT 2022 (Italian Tourism Exchange, held last April in Milan), he explains Italy todayBetween changes brought to travel styles by the pandemic, one that is destined to stay is the increased focus on sustainability.

Trade choices

In addition, the newspaper points out that players in the tourism sector have begun to investespecially in technology, to bring about lasting change, because the data of Euromonitor: more than half (53.3%) of companies in the sector are already integrating sustainable development functions and an even greater share (63%nearly two-thirds) develops products and services that fall within this direction. the 55% of companies invest in sustainable development education initiatives to employees And customersthe 45% it optimizes energy efficiency and about a third turn to sources renewable.

Development opportunities

Also a report from the UniVerde Foundation testifies that for the 74% of Italians, sustainable tourism is the safest in the post-Covid phase, while the 71% consider it ethically more correct and closer to nature and84% he also sees an opportunity for development cheap. Outdoor travel is also gaining more and more followers, according to the Observatoire de la tourism Outside by Human Company and Thrends.

Boom of digital nomads

Also, he writes Italy todaythe phenomenon of the so-called spreads digital nomadsItalians and foreigners who travel the world working online: not for nothing, in March, with the decree supports-tera rule was approved introducing a residence visa for workers extra-EU who carry out highly qualified activities with technological tools allowing them to work from a distance.

Women are 54%

A study, conducted byItalian Association of Digital Nomads and of Airbnbreveals that the phenomenon interests them the most women, who represent 54% of respondents; the reference age is that 25 to 44 years old (67%). Those who choose this experience prefer to do it in the society of your partner (44%) or family (23%).

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