Summer 2022 hair, wavy and maxi volume like Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni she never backs down from a change of beauty look. While the two-time mom, fresh off her 35th birthday, is no stranger to the wavy style, the wavy hair she showed off on social media is unparalleled in her maximum bodyfor, with superlative volume and unparalleled shine. Most people may remember certain hairstyles more is more (as well as extremely sexy) by J-Lo and Beyoncé, but overall it’s the perfect diva hairstyle, with bouncy waves that are the opposite of minimalism. The Cremonese entrepreneur shows them off on Instagram paired with pencil and gel intensified brows, plus the must-have creamy-textured dusty-rose lipstick. Who knows if her hubby Fedez will still create the wind effect in his hair by waving a magazine like crazy (watch the video and enjoy!).

Strong waves like Chiara Ferragni, expert advice

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Wavy hair is, among other things, a hairstyle Signature of summer, exuding sex appeal and a happy sense of freedom. As Silvia Caparrotta, hairstylist at Milan’s Mastromauro Hair & Beauty, reminds us, “to achieve perfect waves, you always have to start by cleaning and drying your hair. Then apply a heat protection spray to the ends, in order to avoid styler damage and heat stress.divide the hair into two parts and work first one half then the other using the special iron. If your hair is flat and not very voluminous, it is advisable to spray a plumping spray on the still damp hair, then dry it upside down. In this way, the hot air delivered by the hair dryer will give a natural voluminous bend to the hair, with a textured and at the same time fluffy effect. To ensure you get wonderful waves tailored to your tastes, I urge you to invest in a professional styler that allows different types of stylingfrom well-defined waves to gentle and sinuous waves, without forgetting the beach waves, deliberately wild”.

3 products for waves like those of Chiara Ferragni

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