Haircuts, spring 2022 inspirations for the over 40s

Quarantine is a golden age because it is at this time that we reach fully aware of her style and look. The hair follows this evolution in the name of naturalness: as beauty trends dictate, what genetics has given us must be exalted, supporting it and giving it a glam shape. It’s time to release … Read more

Laura Pausini’s bob pair

Laura Pausini to address the Eurovision Song Contest, which is taking place these days in Turin, has chosen an elegant and classic hair look, which fits perfectly into her strings, made glamorous by the style. Indeed, its average length has been slightly shortened to reach a perfect even long bob, dried with the tips inward … Read more

Spring 2022 curly haircut: the Zendaya bob

Zendaya is for all intents and purposes a trendsetter: everything she wears becomes instantly cool. The same fate befalls her beauty looks, and in fact, her latest short bob has already been voted the mid-curly cut of the summer. The credit goes to her relaxed style, which allows her to wear everything with grace, interpreting … Read more

the helmet of Rocío Morales

The elegance of Rocío Muñoz Morales is perfectly represented in his wavy square, that is to say short haircut for women who leaves his wide natural waves express themselves in their sweetness. Now that the length exceeds the chin touching the shoulders, always keeping it equal, it is, if possible, even more feminine, thanks also … Read more

Charlize Theron bob

Divine, always and in any case, Charlize Theron is now faithful to short haircut, cut even and obviously very blond, worn asymmetrically to make the look less icy and above all sexier. A perfect choice to soften the rigorous attitude of the diva, who with this simple detail makes her style more glamorous and current, … Read more