The Mediterranean diet against sexual dysfunctions

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best food plans there is. It is no coincidence that he is one of the intangible heritage of humanity ofUNESCO. The link between a balanced diet and good health was already known. But the close relationship between this regime and the reduced risk of erectile dysfunction it’s brand … Read more

Florence, housekeeper and dealer: she organized parties at the fashion school

Every evening she stayed late to clean the premises of the international fashion school. But after finishing his workwhen the institute closed, the woman, a 40-year-old Filipina, he devoted himself to other things: he organized alcohol and drug parties for friends. It was the municipal police who discovered his second life. What at the end … Read more

Discover the organic cosmetic lines with rosehip extracts

Using quality cosmetic products is a habit that is spreading more and more, moreover many are moving exclusively towards lines with a delicate and natural formula, based on active ingredients from natural and plant extracts, from organic crops. Obviously, to get the best results from a line of organic cosmetics, you need to make sure … Read more