Cannes: Carla Bruni and the long cut of the over 50s

During the last evenings on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival we have witnessed beautiful style lessons more than 50women perennials among which stands out Carla Bruni. Madame Sarkozy enchanted the Croisette not only for her clothing choices, but also for the beauty look cleverly studied, sober as chic: from the hairstyle to … Read more

Kate Middleton, her make-up for an immediate facelift costs just over 10 euros

Kate Middleton, the perfect navy look for spring Kate Middleton use simple makeup to look younger and reduce wrinkles and signs of fatigue on the face. She simply straightens her hair and tucks it behind her ears. Just treat ’em with della professional lacquer, like that of Tigi (11.05 euros), which you can buy online … Read more

Bridal makeup and hair inspirations from Giorgia Palmas and other stars who have been to the wedding

Orange blossom scent, party bells, dreamy dresses and of course hairstyles and makeup that we are ready to capture and copy/paste in view, perhaps, of ours best day. The season of weddings It started well this year that we were looking forward to after the restrictions of the last seasons. Like always it is the … Read more

best hair combs

Holger ScheibeGetty Images One of the earliest known hair combs was found in a grave in Jutland, Denmark. In the Bronze Age, combs were funerary gifts: with their teeth, similar to the rays of the sun, they were considered capable of symbolically illuminating the dark path of the deceased. But the first combs were born … Read more

Bridal hairstyles: the most beautiful solutions for long hair according to Salvo Filetti

Braiding, reassembling, tightening, adding an accessory at the end of work: the usual gestures are no longer enough when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It is moreover the very notion of hairstyle that has become anachronistic, vague and resolutely static in relation to the evolution, in the space of a few years, of ceremonies. A … Read more

From honey red to strawberry blond: it will be a “hot” summer for your hair

This will be because many of the Hair European women tend to red, but for a long time we asked our hairdressers to hide the natural ones warm and copper reflections. “Even today, we are very often asked to mask the red undertone of the hair, which is very common for European skin tones, so … Read more

An idea for the head: the seventies hairstyles that are trending today

It was one of the most intense, revolutionary and sometimes rebellious decades. A decade marked by revolutions and creative peaks whose reflection marked fashion, art, and finally the world of beauty. Especially the universe Hair, sprinkled with hairlooks, cuts, hairstyles, full and fluffy brushings which today would make the trend. Of curtain blow to the … Read more