Bridal hairstyles: the most beautiful solutions for long hair according to Salvo Filetti

Braiding, reassembling, tightening, adding an accessory at the end of work: the usual gestures are no longer enough when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It is moreover the very notion of hairstyle that has become anachronistic, vague and resolutely static in relation to the evolution, in the space of a few years, of ceremonies. A … Read more

An idea for the head: the seventies hairstyles that are trending today

It was one of the most intense, revolutionary and sometimes rebellious decades. A decade marked by revolutions and creative peaks whose reflection marked fashion, art, and finally the world of beauty. Especially the universe Hair, sprinkled with hairlooks, cuts, hairstyles, full and fluffy brushings which today would make the trend. Of curtain blow to the … Read more