Cannes: Carla Bruni and the long cut of the over 50s

During the last evenings on the red carpet of the Cannes film festival we have witnessed beautiful style lessons more than 50women perennials among which stands out Carla Bruni. Madame Sarkozy enchanted the Croisette not only for her clothing choices, but also for the beauty look cleverly studied, sober as chic: from the hairstyle to … Read more

Save the bee, the most beloved animal in cosmetics

For cosmetics,Bee is one of the most durable and efficient premium quality producers: from honey to beeswax via propolis, the products resulting from the work of this insect are among the most valuable and effective active ingredients in skincare formulas. Also called “environmental sentinels”, bees are essential to our food security, our nutrition and the … Read more

From honey red to strawberry blond: it will be a “hot” summer for your hair

This will be because many of the Hair European women tend to red, but for a long time we asked our hairdressers to hide the natural ones warm and copper reflections. “Even today, we are very often asked to mask the red undertone of the hair, which is very common for European skin tones, so … Read more