Haircuts, spring 2022 inspirations for the over 40s

Quarantine is a golden age because it is at this time that we reach fully aware of her style and look. The hair follows this evolution in the name of naturalness: as beauty trends dictate, what genetics has given us must be exalted, supporting it and giving it a glam shape. It’s time to release … Read more

Laura Pausini’s bob pair

Laura Pausini to address the Eurovision Song Contest, which is taking place these days in Turin, has chosen an elegant and classic hair look, which fits perfectly into her strings, made glamorous by the style. Indeed, its average length has been slightly shortened to reach a perfect even long bob, dried with the tips inward … Read more

Chipped haircuts spring 2022: sexy like Monica Bellucci

The quintessence of femininity is definitely Monica Bellucci, a blend of sensuality and elegance that is truly unmatched. The distinctive feature of her beauty is that she has never been upset, in fact, the actress has always indulged her style and nature, and yes, even the passage of time. Her looks and her hairstyles are … Read more

Charlotte Casiraghi’s look

The average cut par excellence is the one that exceeds the length of the helmet, goes over the shoulders but stops a little further. And it’s extremely chic, as he demonstrates Charlotte Casiragui, faithful for some time now to this hairstyle which goes well with her slightly wavy hair and with her impeccably aristocratic style. … Read more