The Mediterranean diet against sexual dysfunctions

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best food plans there is. It is no coincidence that he is one of the intangible heritage of humanity ofUNESCO. The link between a balanced diet and good health was already known. But the close relationship between this regime and the reduced risk of erectile dysfunction it’s brand … Read more

Gucci accepts crypto payments. How to Buy Bitcoin and Designer Fashion [6504]

Gucci’s debut in the world of cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies and the world of NFTs are making their debut and changing different industries. From gaming to entertainment to finance. Nothing seems to be safe from this digital wave. Not even the fashion world. Indeed, who wants buy Dogecoin now he can also buy virtual and real clothes, … Read more

symbol of a story called Puglia

Taralli © Wikipedia The tarallo, one of the symbols of Apulian gastronomy, is a simple string of flour, water, oil, white wine, salt and fennel seeds. Let’s find out more. The taralli from the Greek daratos meaning a kind of bread, were born in 1400 during a great famine which raged in Puglia. Legend has … Read more

The Morellino di Scansano DOCG Consortium invests in the uniqueness and beauty of its territory

The fourth edition of Rosso Morellino has come to an end, where the next objectives have been defined: it will be a question of consolidating and affirming the positioning in the distribution channel. as a premium denomination, through increasingly expressive quality wines from the territory, and the promotion of the region as a tourist … Read more

International Month of the Mediterranean Diet

Balanced, healthy, rich in natural foods, plant-based and tasteful: there is always a reason to celebrate the Mediterranean diet! A way of life rather than a diet, year after year confirms its popularity around the world As if having a dedicated international month wasn’t enough, US News & World Report has named it the world’s … Read more

“I talk about fashion to my followers”

Vincenzo Boviski © nc From Myspace to Tik Tok, via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The evolution of social networks is a bit like the story of digital generations who have moved from the real to the virtual. With the effect of shortening the distance between the “stars” and their followers, of generating “friendships” even virtual … Read more