The Mediterranean diet against sexual dysfunctions

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best food plans there is. It is no coincidence that he is one of the intangible heritage of humanity ofUNESCO. The link between a balanced diet and good health was already known. But the close relationship between this regime and the reduced risk of erectile dysfunction it’s brand … Read more

Photographer Michele Bavassano takes us into his universe, through the beauty of nature

Photos granted by the photographer Michele Bavassano for the publication of the interview he gave to our newspaper. Since he was a child, he has been passionate about photography and therefore decides to embark on his journey in this wonderful world, falling in love with nature and everything that surrounds it. Michele Bavassano is one … Read more

The “Incanto della Bellezza” Literary Prize is back: registration until July 10, 2022

BARI – The APS Bottega del Sorriso of Bari, in partnership with the IRCCS “Giovanni Paolo II” Cancer Institute of Bari and with the Cultural Association “Officina Metropolitana delle Arti”, organized the Third Edition of the Literary Prize “Incanto della beauty”, for national and non-national authors. The Aps Bottega del Sorriso with this literary award … Read more

Discover the organic cosmetic lines with rosehip extracts

Using quality cosmetic products is a habit that is spreading more and more, moreover many are moving exclusively towards lines with a delicate and natural formula, based on active ingredients from natural and plant extracts, from organic crops. Obviously, to get the best results from a line of organic cosmetics, you need to make sure … Read more

Starting over from artistic beauty –

“Beauty will save the world”, said Prince Miškin in Dostoyevsky’s Idiot. So let’s come back not only to talk about it but also to admire it, countering the distortions of recent years that have seen us distanced, digitized, far from cultural centers par excellence such as theatres, cinemas, exhibitions and museums. After the decision to … Read more