symbol of a story called Puglia

Taralli © Wikipedia The tarallo, one of the symbols of Apulian gastronomy, is a simple string of flour, water, oil, white wine, salt and fennel seeds. Let’s find out more. The taralli from the Greek daratos meaning a kind of bread, were born in 1400 during a great famine which raged in Puglia. Legend has … Read more

“I talk about fashion to my followers”

Vincenzo Boviski © nc From Myspace to Tik Tok, via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The evolution of social networks is a bit like the story of digital generations who have moved from the real to the virtual. With the effect of shortening the distance between the “stars” and their followers, of generating “friendships” even virtual … Read more

Photographer Michele Bavassano takes us into his universe, through the beauty of nature

Photos granted by the photographer Michele Bavassano for the publication of the interview he gave to our newspaper. Since he was a child, he has been passionate about photography and therefore decides to embark on his journey in this wonderful world, falling in love with nature and everything that surrounds it. Michele Bavassano is one … Read more

The “Incanto della Bellezza” Literary Prize is back: registration until July 10, 2022

BARI – The APS Bottega del Sorriso of Bari, in partnership with the IRCCS “Giovanni Paolo II” Cancer Institute of Bari and with the Cultural Association “Officina Metropolitana delle Arti”, organized the Third Edition of the Literary Prize “Incanto della beauty”, for national and non-national authors. The Aps Bottega del Sorriso with this literary award … Read more