Save the bee, the most beloved animal in cosmetics

For cosmetics,Bee is one of the most durable and efficient premium quality producers: from honey to beeswax via propolis, the products resulting from the work of this insect are among the most valuable and effective active ingredients in skincare formulas. Also called “environmental sentinels”, bees are essential to our food security, our nutrition and the … Read more

how often should you wear clothes?

How many times do you have to wear a suit for it to be considered a sustainable purchase? There is no one right answer, but activism in this matter supports (at least) 30, if not more (and in fact there are those who say 100). The question stems from an awareness – fashion pollutes, but … Read more

the cost of fast fashion posted on social media

Exactly 12 Instagram posts in 24 hours: one every hard hour. This is the count of the content posted on the social profile of Shein, the low-cost online shopping giant whose communication strategy opens the way to reflection: with shoes and accessories, clothing asserts itself as the founding object of a continuous social contentnow increasingly … Read more

Not just “green”: this is how the beauty world expands the concept of sustainability

That the trend in the beauty world today is to focus on natural, biodegradable and cruelty-free ingredients, which are presented in recyclable and recycled packaging, is now a fact. Everyone is looking for “green” beautyin particular the generation Z, very attentive to brand ethics. But regardless of age and generation, there’s no denying that the … Read more

Nasco Unico: “Let fashion become more human again”

The first thing Andrea Francardo, founder of Nasco Unico, did was eliminate the samples. His jackets follow a production cycle that wastes nothing: customers visit his workshop in Turin, a 19th-century Savoyard villa, and assemble the garment inch by inch, from buttons to linings. A craft workshop that wraps the garment by recovering the scraps … Read more