“The Beauty of Faith” arrives at the Turin Book Fair

Interview with author, psychologist and journalist Emiliano Tognetti

Among the surprises of Turin Book Fair there is an unexpected presentation: “The beauty of faith», the first book of the psychologist and journalist Emiliano Tognettipublished by EditionsGraphe.it“From Perugia.

The presentation will take place next Saturday, May 21 from 12:00 p.m. at the UELCI stand, Pad.3 Q127-P132, with the journalist alessandro zaccuri. In view of this presentation, we contacted the author and took advantage of him for a few questions.

D: Let’s come to your book, which I received and read with great pleasure. The book was released last year and in 2022 is presented at the Salon du livre. Why?

Emiliano Tognetti: “Well, in fact the editorial times have not been the most classic, but the times we live in are also exceptional and the times of many things have changed, compared to what we used to do until in February 2020! However, I wanted a book, and for that I thank Roberto Russo the publisher, who was “timeless”. It is a book of interviews and thoughts on an extremely urgent and still topical subject, so to present it again now I would say that “okay”, because even if you read in 10 or 20 years, the arguments and testimonies collected are still relevant 2 so that’s fine! “.

D: Of course. Before going a little further in the book, I would like you to also say the purpose of the book.

Emiliano Tognetti: “Of course. The book is also a charitable project, as well as an evangelistic project. The share of the proceeds from the sale of the book, net of fees, will go entirely to the Moldovan mission of Renewal in the Spirit. this, which is already a poor and usually tormented land, has been even more so in these two years of pandemic and the Renewal has faced this misery in misery. In addition, the mission is doing its part to welcome Ukrainian families and so it’s a little help, but from the bottom of my heart, to lend a hand and do our part “from a distance”. No mystery, I too am part of the Renewal and I visited the mission in 2019, with my wife Mihaela, and from there I was inspired to do something for this land of God”.

D: Coming to the book, why did you choose this title “The Beauty of Faith”?

Emiliano Tognetti“Because faith is an experience that makes life beautiful. Certainly not easy, but magnificent. Unfortunately, we live in a society that makes everything ugly because it instills insecurity in all life situations. I’m not saying things about the higher systems, I’m talking about the worries that grip us every day; every problem, big or small, often makes us sad, anxious and in search of comfort. Insurance is a sector likely to grow, and is there a reason for this? We want to respond to fear in this life with assurance and faith, it is a personal experience that has given me, like so many others, this “assurance” that for better or for worse, there is assurance , which is already paid for and that in beautiful things it helps us to enjoy them without becoming slaves, in ugly things it helps us to see that we are never alone, even if we are in the desert of our life . And often it’s not easy at all, because you feel alone even in the middle of a lot of people and many social channels.”

D: I think what you want to give is a beautiful message. The names in the book are highly publicized; I am thinking of Cardinals Comastri and Cantalamessa, of Don Epicoco or committed lay people like Salvatore Martinez and Ernesto Olivero or the writer Paolo Curtaz, as well as the testimonies of well-known and ordinary people. How did you choose these interlocutors?

Emiliano Tognetti“The book is structured in such a way that the reader can have two ideas: one theoretical and one practical. The theoretical is linked to the deepening of an aspect of the Faith, treated by a person “expert in the field” because his vocation led him to deepen theoretically and with his life this theme. Next to that, I wanted to put the testimonies of “known and less known” people because I wanted to demonstrate, through their testimony, that it is not “a beautiful theory”, but it can be a life lived in beauty, if this aspect of the Faith is cultivated”.

D: Aren’t you afraid of coming across as a big stick?

Emiliano Tognetti: “Honestly no. I am very aware, I also see the newspapers and social networks, that as soon as we talk about this issue, the person is immediately labeled, at best “conservative”, as if to keep something beautiful and good was a crime. In reality, Jesus showed and still proves today that he is the greatest progressive, to the point that Saint John the Baptist says of him: “After me will come the one who is before me” ( Jn 1:19-28), a paradox that we often miss. Jesus is always before us and before us, he lives what we live every day. We can live in a state of Grace, that is to say of giving free, because He paid once and for all for us and if Someone pays for you, the bill drops to zero, it’s free.” And that’s the beauty”.

D: But to those who put “unexplainable” evil before you, what do you answer?

Emiliano Tognetti: “That if it’s inexplicable, I can come to a certain point to figure it out, so I have to stop.” Evil is in this world, there is no need to deny it or bury it under the rug. Much of the evil we can come to understand, but a part will always be greater than our abilities and therefore only God has the possibility to guide us in this life and, in Faith, to accompany us towards full Joy. Faith is not religion, understood as being limited to going through a series of rites and then “being right” with God; but it is living and winning a bet, that he plays with us”.

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