“The Beauty of Reason” in Illegio: forty works of art, some of which have never been seen before

Seven centuries of painting in the Carnic village from May 15 to October 16: School of Caravaggio, Jordaens, Giordano, Moreau

TRIESTE. The message is central: knowing how to think accurately, in the best possible way, because the greatness of man begins with his reason. Coming to Illegio on Sunday May 15, “The Beauty of Reason”, the eighteenth exhibition curated by Don Alessio Geretti and the San Floriano Committee. Forty international works, for seven centuries of beauty, from the 14th to the beginning of the 20th century, for a story that wants to be a message – that of iconographic investigation into the human experience of thought – in unreasonable times like ours, between pandemics and wars.

The exhibition, which will end on October 16, was presented yesterday in Udine, with the regional councilor for culture Tiziana Gibelli, the president of the Friuli Foundation Giuseppe Morandini, the president of the San Floriano Committee Lara Job, and from the first words of the curator, he already gives himself, as often when it comes to Illegio, with the effect of surprise.

There will be authors to discover, as well as others already known. Among the most important, throughout the summer it will be possible to admire works ranging from the refined gold backgrounds of the Middle Ages to the collaborators of Caravaggio, passing through Jacob Jordaens and Luca Giordano, arriving at symbolic romanticism by Gustave Moreau or the fairy-tale universe by James Tissot and other poignant or scenographic works from the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of them are unreleased or never seen in Italy. “Passing from room to room, you will come across a copy of Caravaggio’s ‘I bambini bari’: an oil on canvas by a disciple of Caravaggio. One could imagine someone very close to the master: a collaborator – says Don Geretti -. The painting belongs to a collector from Udine, just like ‘Children playing cards'”. And then he continues: “At Illegio, we have radars sensitive to beauty; we intercept masterpieces”. But who will be this mysterious collector of two alleged Caravaggios?

Don Geretti continues the description. In the cozy atmosphere of the rooms of Illegio, he explains that “the journey, from work to work, divided into seven sections, will become a journey into the interiority of the human being, observing the signs of his greatness, of its crises and contradictions, but also the challenges that we must know how to overcome at this time”. “For us seriously stunned by the pandemic of the past two years – he specifies – and worried by scenarios of war and death in the heart of Europe, living the exhibition is a beauty cure and a vigorous encouragement to recover intelligently”.

It is Tiziana Gibelli who recalls the fundamental role of the cultural project undertaken in the region by the San Floriano Committee, both in Udine, at Casa Cavazzini, and in Gorizia with the current exhibition ‘Madre’, in a country like ours “hungry for the quality of events”. Indeed, the curator makes a suggestion to Geretti: why not think of an exhibition devoted to painters, not trivially for a question of genre, but to investigate the art of he authors forgotten by dedicated historiography is Giuseppe Morandini, president of the Friu Foundationthem, to recall how the experience of Illegio is the winning example of “a virtuous intertwining between culture and business”.

The exhibition is supported by the Region, by Promoturismo Fvg and by the Friuli Foundation, as well as about thirty subjects and companies. Reservation required, by phone (0433-44445) or e-mail (Mostra@illegio.it) or by filling out the form in the appropriate section of the website www.illegio.it

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