The Beauty Route in the province of Pesaro and Urbino

In Italy there is a route that, from the hills to the sea, follows all the wonders of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, in the Marche region. Municipalities that share an intact environment dotted with Renaissance riches that appear even on the Adriatic coast, or make room among the sinuous profiles of the Apennines. A fairy tale path, therefore, which takes the name of Beauty Route.

5 years of the Beauty Journey

This year the magnificent Beauty Route turns 5 and, to the 13 municipalities already present, 3 equally spectacular municipalities have been added. We are talking about enchanting places such as: Apecchio, Cagli, Cantiano, Colli al Metauro, Fano, Fossombrone, Gabicce Mare, Gradara, Mondavio, Pergola, Pesaro, San Lorenzo in Campo, Sassocorvaro Auditore, Tavullia, Terre Roveresche and Urbino.

The objective of this constantly evolving project is to promote and enhance the great “heritage of beauty” that unites these localities of Marche.

After all, it’s understandable: theBeauty Route it stretches from the mountains to the gentle hills that descend to the sea, between historic villages, fortresses and castles, palaces, churches and hermitages of “silence and faith”. A region of our country that preserves a rich artistic and cultural heritage that is the expression of “giants” such as Raphael and Rossini; the extraordinary heritage of the “Roman” which has in the “Flaminia consulaire” in Vitruvius and in the gilded bronzes of Pergola the elements with the greatest historical and emotional impact; the immortal charm of the Renaissance that one of its capitals had in Urbino.

Urbino Brands

The marvelous Urbino

But not only. L’Beauty Route it is also the story of the “beauty” and the quality of the oeno-gastronomic heritage characterized by 3 DOC wines, 3 DOP foods, in a leading province in the world for organic products and “truffles all year round” . Without forgetting that it is also a largely uncontaminated territory that connects the green of the hills and the extraordinary view of the mountains with the splendid beaches and coasts of the Adriatic Sea.

Itinerary of Beauty, not to be missed

Coli al Metauro is a municipality born in 2017, a wonderful territory located between the peaks of the Gola del Furlo and the crystalline sea of ​​Le Marche. Mondavio is also beautiful, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Suffice it to say, the historic center is surrounded by a mighty (and well-maintained) city wall.

Pergola, which rises in the heart of the Cesano Valley, is not the least. A small treasure chest also called the “Truffle City all year round”. This, in fact, is celebrated with two events: the National Fair of the Precious White Truffle, in October, and “AmiAmo il Tartufo”, dedicated to the black summer truffle.

Mondavio Brands

Mondavio, marvel of the Marches

Also extraordinary is Gradara, the city of Paolo and Francesca sung by Dante in the “Divine Comedy”.

then Apecchio, the center of a vast territory that extends over 103 km2, also including the summit of Monte Nerone (1,526 meters).

Of course, Pesaro, the city of music and bicycles, and Urbino, a city where mathematics and geometry come together beautifully, but also the place of knowledge and spirituality, cannot be missed.

In short, take itBeauty Routeby car, motorbike or bicycle on the many paths and cycle paths, it’s a unique experience, to be had at least once in your life.


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