The best vitamin supplements for hair growth

Would you like your hair to grow faster? Or is it your desire to show off flowing, soft and supple hair? To turn the dream into reality, there are basically three pieces of advice: 1. Take care of your diet as much as possible, ensuring that it is as varied and balanced as possible; 2. get rid of harsh detergents (those that cost very little and create a mountain of suds) and invest in professional hair products; 3. start a course of vitamin supplements now and immediately. Regarding this last point, we asked the expert for some indications and advice. Take notes and then do your shopping!

Vitamins (but also minerals) for strong and healthy hair, how

Dr. Riccardo Midolo, aesthetic doctor at LabQuarantadue in Milan explains: “if the hair shows signs of weakness, from dullness to more or less loss, supplements can provide support, never forgetting that the first role is entrusted to diet, which should never be deficient (yes to blood tests from time to time). If you have deformed hair, avoid slimming programs that exclude entire categories of food”. Let’s move on to vitamins. Which ones and why? “A good intake of vitamin B, B vitamins and vitamin C is functional for optimal hair growth. Often and on purpose, these vitamin blends are combined in supplement formulas with zinc, copper, and iron, minerals that can keep hair, skin, and nails healthy. Biotin is also an indicated active to remedy fragile hair that tends to fall out: involved in the synthesis of keratin, a protein known to be the main constituent of the skin and appendages, it gives strength to the hair. If the problem of hair loss begins to worry you, I advise you to combine it with supplements and a diet studied by a nutritionist. a targeted cycle of mesotherapy, to inject specific and concentrated active ingredients into the scalp, will invigorate the hair bulb. Using carboxytherapy, a procedure that uses carbon dioxide, injecting it deep into the scalp, will improve vascularity, supporting and accelerating hair (re)growth.”

Vitamins and minerals for stronger hair

Multivitamins and Multiminerals, 60 Tablets, Formula based on 13 Vitamins and 11 Minerals

Absolute Shine, organic formula with Cynatine HNS, a biologically active source of cruelty-free keratin



A supplement for hair and nails, the synergy between B vitamins, biotin, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium helps repair and strengthen brittle hair and nails.

Dika Nature


Daily Vitamins, with vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B12, from organic agricultural production

food spring
food spring


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