the boys of the ‘Marconi’ institute meet the great beauty of the capital –

Students IV and V of the Technical Telecommunications Course of the Sanremo Coordinated Branch of the IIS ‘G. Marconi’ was on an educational visit to the capital after the break due to the covid emergency. The boys were immersed in the monumental and artistic Rome which greatly influenced the culture of the 19th and 20th centuries and which continues to fascinate tourists from all over the world with its wonder.

On May 2, after arriving in the capital, the group visited the Imperial Rome of the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums, walking along the Via Sacra. This ancient part of the Eternal City, already the center of public political and religious life, showed students both the power and richness of the era and the contamination of later works by the Roman remains that served as a canvas. background to mass events in 20th century Italy.

The second day was devoted to visiting the institutional offices: first of all the Vatican City which, together with Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, constitutes an uninterrupted monumental complex which transports the student from the Middle Ages to the Porta Pia waterfall through an artistic route of considerable value. In the afternoon, it was possible to visit the Institutional Palaces, rich in testimonies of powerful Roman families, with their strong media importance in the politics of our country. The day ended with a visit to the Villa Borghese collection which houses and exhibits a collection of ancient sculptures, bas-reliefs and mosaics, as well as paintings and sculptures from the 15th to the 19th century and bears witness to Italian art. in its temporal evolution.

On the third day, the tour continued with a route through the historic center of Rome, from the Trevi Fountain to Piazza di Spagna, passing through Piazza Colonna, Piazza di Montecitorio and the Pantheon to Piazza Navona with a view of all the historic buildings of the center that have made Rome one of the capitals of Italian Baroque. Finally, on the fourth day, the boys took a tour of the city by public transport until the evening return to the City of Flowers.

The choice of this artistic destination was a strong cultural response for the technical-technological institute to the need to move children after the sad page of the pandemic: Rome, with its pinkish orange sunsets and its huge squares, leaves the desire breathe freely. entertainment and novelty typical of youth, so that we can turn the page after two very hard years for everyone. In addition, this trip was a civic experience of approaching national history and places of Italian politics. Finally, the choice of the train as a means of transport taught the students that a destination can be reached while respecting the environment with sustainable public transport that emits little CO2.

The ‘Marconi’ Institute confirms its interest in making its students grow culturally, aware of the history of our country and committed to the choices of the future that awaits them, with their eyes full of the Great Beauty that the whole world envies us.


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