The hairdresser reveals the surprising reason behind the common haircut rule

A viral video that was first shared in March has continued to amaze viewers by revealing the reason for the common request hairdressers make of their clients when getting a haircut.

“When your stylist asks you to look down during the haircut…here’s why,” reads the text of Shannon Ewing’s video, which has received over 5 million views on Instagram Reels.

The clip showed what the ends of her hair looked like when the client tilted her head down, surprising some viewers, while others shared their own tips for ensuring the haircut was correct.

There are some things clients can be aware of when cutting their hair, according to Byrdie. Some of these etiquette tips include arriving for your appointment on time, having an idea of ​​what to ask for, and staying put.

The hairdresser reveals the surprising reason behind the common haircut rule
A viral video has revealed why hairdressers often ask their clients to put their heads down. Above is a stock image of a haircut in progress.
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“One of stylists’ biggest problems is client fuss, especially when doing shorter, precision jobs,” the article said. “Being firm is essential to avoid mistakes”.

In the video, the client appeared to have an even cut looking straight ahead, but the ends looked completely different looking down.

When the client tilted her head down, she revealed the jagged, jagged edges that the stylist would tackle.

Viewers took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“Never knew why I had to do this sometimes,” read one comment.

Another revealed that they too did not know why they had been asked to look down.

“It happened this morning and I was wondering why,” one Instagram user shared. “To be honest, he did a great job! The cut is so clean.”

Another viewer commented, “They try to make you look good from every angle, huh, listen to them and hope they’re competent.”

Some have chimed in in the comment sections for other tips customers can keep in mind during their next haircut appointment.

One advised customers not to cross their legs, a tip that helped some people.

“Going from a stylist who never told me to loosen my legs to one who made sure to tell me every time he changed my haircut forever,” one commenter wrote.

If anyone is interested in bangs, one viewer recommended not to raise their eyebrows.

News Week contacted Ewing for further comment.

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