“The Hormonal Reboot Diet” Reveals the Secret to Rejuvenating Mind and Body


The hormone reboot diet reveals the secret of regeneration of mind and body

The revolutionary book by doctor Emanuele De Nobili, expert in generative medicine and anti-aging, and scientific journalist Margherita Enrico, published by Sperling & Kupfer, is available in the best bookstores.


Photos of the recipes available at the following link: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/f54b96adecae5ea7df739b6a6fb0b0c820220512105434/d00a880e6ab8f050a521575661a0058f20220512105434/bd13d1

A Method from 28 days reactivate in five steps the circle virtuous of hormones which regulate the psycho-physical well-being and thebiological aging. That’s the fascinating thing itinerary illustrated in the book “The Hormonal Reboot Diet“From dr. Emmanuelle De Nobiliexpert in regenerative medicine and anti-aging and scientific journalist Margaret Enrico, published by Sperling & Kupfer. Available in the best bookstores and on all Online Storethe volume is a guide for rediscovery of hormoneswellness switchesToo often underestimated, through a balanced lifestylestarting with a Balanced diet until the exercises Tibetan hormonal gymnastics and meditation.

“Hormones control a complex balance, which regulates, for example, the feeling of hunger, stress, thyroid functioning, mental efficiency, sexual desire or the tone of our mood.“, Explain Emmanuelle De Nobili, Director of the Medical Center for LongevityEden’s Health”Inside the 5 star luxury hotel Villa Eden in Merano. “A perfect orchestra, with which you have to get along thanks to a careful diet and a healthy lifestyle, which cannot be dissociated from gymnastics and meditation”.

“The diet hormonal is unique in the his genre why this book the pace circadian that ruler the clock biological of our body and the production of hormones related to the main processes of our body”, keep on going Margaret Enrico, journalist, television writer and co-author of the book.

Efficient and precise messengers, the hormones they accompany him and stimulate him body development in close collaboration with the cells. However, we still talk too little or superficially about hormones and their balance. Yet the resetting endocrine levels is the key to reactivate the metabolismturn it downbiological age And achieve the ideal weightfind a soft skin it’s bright, strong hair and brilliant, a Restorative sleep, toned muscles and a new one Powerboth physical and mental.

Rebalancing individual hormones is possible act in a targeted manner on fatty depositsobtain a sculpted physique, stronger bones it’s a cardiovascular system always under control thanks to the reduction of the levels of cholesterol And blood sugar. They will eventually get better lucidity, concentration And Memoryas well as the return of sexual desire and in general mood.

Among the greats”saboteurs” weight loss there are surely a few hormones as the ghrelin, known as the hunger hormone, which stimulates appetite and prompts the brain to send the necessary signals to make us eat more (oxygenic effect). Without forgetting the leptina hormone produced by adipocytes, fat cells, which regulates appetite, signals the feeling of satiety to receptors present in the hypothalamus (anorectic effect) and theadiponectin, a hormone involved in the control of body fat that affects appetite and activation of metabolism, allowing you to lose weight through greater caloric expenditure. And then there are theinsulinthe hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar, and cortisolwhose production is largely induced by stress, which can interfere with the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, quinoa, avocado, olives, spinach And beets they are precious allies for controlling insulin, whereas honey, sugar and maple juice should be avoided, as well as any food rich in sugars in order to dilute the feeling of hunger caused by this hormone.

And to rebalance leptin, it is better to avoid alcohol and not to eat peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes. Instead, I prefer artichokes, the carrots, the broccoli, the pumpkin yes peas. And again: to reduce the levels of cortisol better to stay away from coffee and soft drinks, opting for the leafy vegetables, the legumes and theginger and lemon water. At last, hormones thyroid glands in balance without the floursthe bread yes cereals with gluten and booze and with a rather full menu of vegetables, fish, white meats And spices. Last but not least, the hormone GH, the shortage of which is able to determine the accumulation of fat in the tissues and the loss of muscle mass. To keep it within the norm it is better not to take industrial products and prefer fish meat, And vegetables. Next, avoid chemicals such as preservatives, which can sluggish metabolism and reduce levels of testosterone.

The food program consists of five steps and is the result of decades of clinical experience with thousands of the patients who benefited from it. the lines guide of the method are:

✓ consume natural foodsvegetable and preferably biological

✓ give priority to proteins from blue fish, Egg And vegetable proteins and reduce meat consumption to a minimum

avoid dairy products and cereals with gluten

✓ limit foods with salt, sugars simple and added fats

✓ stay well hydrated, eliminate whatever alcoholic that coffee

the Method of to restart hormonal match for periods from seeds quick foreseen, like, how that one of before phase detox which stimulates cellular regeneration and rejuvenation thanks to autophagy mechanisms activated by calorie restriction, at periods of protein feeding, mainly pescetarian, which preserve muscle tone”, said Doctor De Nobili.

The first phase (days 1-3) is that of detoxin which the body gets rid of excess sodium and water through a menu based on fruit And vegetables cooked and raw and many liquids. During these first three days, the hormonal foods they work immediately like cofactors in the rebalancing of the endocrine system thanks to them composition mineral – just think about the importance of Kiwi, watermelon, cucumbers, artichokes, vegetables a sheet. Weight loss in the initial phase is very subjective: during the first week there is a real water balance and can be lost up to three kilosincluding a kilo of fat and the rest of water.

The second stage (days 4 to 7) reintroduces certain foods – such as carbohydrates derived from gluten-free grains (rice, quinoa, buckwheat) and legumes, while third (days 8-14) provides for the reintegration of plant-based proteins (legumes) both animal (fish only). The fourth stage (days 15-21) is mainly based protein (lunch, dinner and sometimes even breakfast). Finally, the fifth stage (days 22-28) restores hormonal balance thanks to food quality used and to sequence with which they were reintroduced. This final week’s meal plan is the template for continuing on your own after day 28.

It is recommended to perform amoderate aerobic activityas the fast walkthe to pedal by bike, the I swimhey step. The ideal would be to combine this with aerobic training anaerobici.e. a short but intense effort (jumps, sprints, weightlifting, fast running). Aerobic exercise requires 40-60 mins per day while for anaerobes they are necessary 10-15 minutes and it is suggested to practice it at least thrice per week. Last, but not least, the Tibetan hormonal gymnastics: a powerful antidote to stress decline in nine exercises suggested by the authors to find their own spiritual essence with simple gestures.

A rich menu of receipts designed and created personally by Dr. De Nobili completes this virtuous path, which promises a weightloss until 3 kg the first week, with a subsequent average drop of 1kg every seven days.

The authors in brief…

Emmanuelle De Nobili he is director of the longevity medical center “Eden’s Health” of the luxury 5-star hotel Villa Eden in Merano. Graduated in medicine and surgery and specialized in otolaryngology and thermal medicine, he holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and a four-year training diploma in aesthetic medicine, and is an expert in preventive, regenerative and anti-aging. His main areas of expertise are nutrition and anti-aging medicine, with studies on genetics, epigenetics, hormonal therapies, oxidative stress and the gut microbiome, which he applies in his clinical practice with programs customized for healthy longevity. Author of several scientific publications, he has participated in hundreds of congresses also as a speaker and moderator. He is a member of many learned societies.

Margaret Enrico, journalist, writer, author of television and documentary appreciated, she conquered during her career the role of ambassador of “pure” science, making accessible to the general public even the most complex contents thanks to her agile and direct prose . He collaborates with Il Giornale and has worked for the Republic, Rai and several weeklies. She is the author of many successful books, including: “The Hormonal Diet” and “The Hormones of Happiness” (with Thierry Hertoghe), “The Science of Youth”, “The Secrets of Longevity” and “Antivirus” , published by Sperling & Kupfer. He has participated in the writing of important scientific texts and has to his credit collaborations with international academics and researchers. To date, it is one of the most accredited names in Italian and foreign scientific publishing.

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