The “Incanto della Bellezza” Literary Prize is back: registration until July 10, 2022

BARI – The APS Bottega del Sorriso of Bari, in partnership with the IRCCS “Giovanni Paolo II” Cancer Institute of Bari and with the Cultural Association “Officina Metropolitana delle Arti”, organized the Third Edition of the Literary Prize “Incanto della beauty”, for national and non-national authors.

The Aps Bottega del Sorriso with this literary award aims to raise cultural awareness, as well as to promote scientific research for the knowledge and treatment of rare tumors and diseases associated with rare tumors, also aware that it is not is that through the defense and propagation of art and culture preserve the beauty of the human soul.

This edition of the Prize also includes 2 parts: –

– Unpublished poems (section A);
– Unpublished short stories (section B).

Each competitor can participate in both sections with a single work.

Participation is open to authors of all nationalities, aged at least 14 at the time of sending their application. The texts must be written exclusively in Italian. The complete announcement is available on the facebook page “Incanto della Bellezza Literary Prize”, as well as on the Association’s website at the following address

The theme planned for this year is “Links”, to be understood in their maximum emotional sense, aimed not only at preserving the memories of the good old days, but at the desire to live our present with serenity and fullness and to improve our future. . Ties that have been seriously compromised in the past two years and whose need has been strongly felt during the pandemic, since the ties can be of any kind and help us, most often, to overcome situations of all kinds .

The application file must be sent before 10/07/2022, exclusively to the e-mail address: The application file must contain:

§ contact details of the author: surname and first name, place and date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address;

§ title of the short story and/or poem;

authorization to process personal data (Articles 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).

All works, completely anonymously, will be examined by a jury, whose members will not be disclosed until after the end of the evaluations and, in any case, before the award ceremony.

For each of the two participation sections, the prizes are made up as follows:

– to the first classified


– to the second classified


– to the third classified


For each of the two sections, during the award ceremony, the first three classified will be rewarded and will also receive a personalized plaque/trophy. The organization also reserves the right to award other prizes and special mentions to candidates who have distinguished themselves for the excellence of their compositions, in terms of environmental protection and / or sustainability, in terms of protection and enhancement of the territory, in terms of social inclusion. The final ceremony will take place in the city of Bari on September 24, 2022, in the presence of institutional representatives. The finalists will be notified in due time and must confirm their presence at the event.

The last edition of 2021 took advantage of the collaboration of the IRCCS “Giovanni Paolo II °” of Bari and the partnership with the Cultural Association “Officina Metropolitana delle Arti” of Bari and the A.Ma.Re. Puglia, as well as the patronage of the Municipality of Bari, the University of Bari, the production district of Puglia “The new energy”, the association “Let us have wings – Dario Favia”, the association RACCOMAR Puglia, Lions Clubs “Bari San Nicola”, Autoclub Bari, Vivai Dichio of Matera, IISS “Basile-Caramia-Gigante” of Locorotondo and Alberobello, IISS “Santarella-De Lilla” from Bari.

The Examination Commission of the Literary Contest “Incanto della Bellezza” – 2nd edition, News section, was composed of:

1) Prof. Ada Campione, university professor, author of numerous publications
2) Dr. D’Acciò Enrica, Journalist and writer
3) Dr. Michela Di Trani, journalist and writer
4) Prof. Pietro Favia, university professor, author of numerous publications
5) Prof. Franca Ferrandini Troisi, university lecturer, author of numerous publications
6) Av. Paola Finocchietti, Councilor of the association. Section “Italian women lawyers” Bari; Vice-President of the Higher School of Agribusiness
7) Father Roberto Fusco, Author of numerous essays, Father Superior of the Community of Bethany
8) Prof. Ivana Griseta, director of the “Fermi” science high school in Bari
9) Prof. Giuseppina Lotito, Director of the Territorial Zone of Bari – USR Puglia
10) Dr. Eugenio Martiradonna, bookseller and writer
11) Dr. Carmela Montrone, Medical Director and Editor
12) Dr. Mariella Pappalepore, President of the Culture Club of Confindustria, President of the OMA
13) Prof. Giuseppe Starace, university professor, author of numerous publications
14) Prof. Angela Tannoia, director of the “Vecchi” science high school in Trani
15) Dr. Elvira Zaccagnino, director of the “Meridiana” publishing house, writer

The Examination Commission of the “Incanto della Bellezza” Literary Competition – 2nd edition, Poetry section, was composed of:

1) Prof. Marco Bronzini, Member of the Superior Council of the PI, university professor
2) Avv. Giuseppe Castellana Soldano, theater actor, member of various cultural associations
3) Prof. Carla D’Urso, Rotary Advisor, Former Principal
4) Dr Antonella Daloiso, journalist, writer
5) Dr. Marina Dimattia, head of MiBact, journalist of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno
6) Prof. Maristella Gatto, university lecturer, author of numerous publications
7) Prof. Silvana Kuhtz, university lecturer, author of numerous publications
8) Prof. Annarosa Mangone, University Professor, author of numerous publications
9) Dr Maddalena Milone, entrepreneur and writer
10) Prof. Maria Teresa Paccione, teacher and writer
11) Prof. Daniele Pegorari, university professor, author of several publications
12) Dr Maria Luisa Sgobba, Mediaset journalist, writer
13) Dr. Enrica Simonetti, Journalist of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno
14) Prof. Giuseppe Solaro, university professor, author of numerous publications
15) Dr. Andrea Tedeschi, Rai3 journalist

On the basis of compliance with the evaluation criteria, established by the Organizing Committee and indicated in the corresponding Call:

a) Adherence to the theme of the competition (the hug)
b) Emotional load transmitted
c) Originality of content
d) Style and literary quality

after a careful and in-depth examination in a strictly anonymous form of the numerous and precious works received, he submitted to the Organizing Committee the relative evaluations which made it possible to establish the final classification.

For poetry:

1st place Puccetti Ginevra di Porcari province of Lucca for the work “L’abbraccio”
2nd place Domenico Calia, Luciano Magno, Lilia Spada, Magdalena Wawrzyl for the work “Abbracciati”
3rd place Fiorini Franco di Veroli province of Frosinone for the work “I want to kiss you again”

For Prose:

1st place Annarita Lisco for the work “Fortuna”
2nd place Francesco Minervini for the work “They wanted my tears”
3rd place Giorgio Rizzo from Palermo for the work “A hug along a life”

Special prices:

“Green Economy” Prize of the Sustainability Coffee dedicated to eco-sustainable economies for the best work describing the embrace of man destined to the protection of the environment: Romano Lazzaro from Salerno for the work “Natural Echoes”

Prize in memory of Enrico Signorile and dedicated to the sea for the best work describing the embrace with the sea that symbolizes the union of peoples: Giorgia di Lauro for the work “Before”

Prize in memory of Dario Favia dedicated to the discomfort of adolescents for the best work describing the hug as a therapeutic remedy to counter and overcome the discomfort of adolescents: Pierpaolo Favia for the work “Les mots tuent, les câlins save”

“Octopus” Prize in memory of Luigi Milillo dedicated to the best work that has highlighted the emotional intensity of an embrace with one’s own passion: Chiara Cannito with the work “La letterina di Mimì”;

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