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Entering the new Toni & Guy salon in Turin is like feeling at home. A new house, in peach tones, in the central Piazza Giambattista Bodoni in the Piedmontese capital, where the brand has just inaugurated its third and exclusive salon: Toni & Guy Torino Bodoni. A space that consecrates the concept of Homey Feeling, at the center of each new restyling project and each new opening. Harmonious, digital and design, worked down to the smallest detail, it was designed to welcome the customer and put him at ease. Between choices of well-being – the living room is also equipped with a precious spa corner – and eco-sustainable solutions – the walls are covered with Airlite paint, with a patented formula, which naturally purifies the air and neutralizes pollution, viruses and bacteria -. And several areas used for smart work – thanks to the availability of iPads, WI-FI and sockets positioned at strategic points to recharge your technological devices -.

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Toni & Guy Bodoni: the living room at home

Precious materials and refined elements: this mixture of combinations welcomes the customer as soon as they enter and accompanies them through each space of the show. The basic material elements of the furniture are pink copper and Calacatta Gold marble. The space is dominated by large arches and neon lights that provide both a classic and contemporary rhythm. Mirrors, armchairs and coffee tables make the Toni & Guy Bodoni lounge friendly and welcoming, thanks to the partnership with the Pavia & Pavia showroom.

The spa inside the living room

Those looking for a deep moment of well-being, to live in an intimate and private way, can book the Hair SPA & Private Room space. Here you can perform all the services available in the salon as well as special care thanks to the Eden washing block. A massage and reclining chair equipped with an integrated steam distribution system that takes care of the skin and hair.

The color kitchen

In a house, the kitchen cannot be missing, the friendliest space in a house. That of Toni & Guy Bodoni is located on the lower floor and is particularly particular. The Color Kitchen is a real kitchen reserved for the creation and mixing of colors. A lively moment, to be experienced in the company of customers.

“Toni & Guy Bodoni represents a great dream for our family, a generational change in a market that has been going on for 40 years in the city of Turin”, say Gianluca and Eleonora Caruso, Salon Manager of Toni & Guy Torino Bodoni. “The solidity of our family represented the strength and the courage to undertake this new path, realizing a real dream. A new objective… a new beginning!”.

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