the new trend on TikTok to jump into the sea

the new trend on TikTok to jump into the sea

Napoli challenge scooteris the new social fashion which is spreading in the capital of Campania. In the last few days we had talked about the various Porta Potty, Fire Challenge, BME Pain Olympics and Train Surfing. All fashions started in Dubai, Canada, etc., but always overseas. Today, on the other hand, it is a very Italian trend, at least for the moment, although already imitated everywhere. Dive into the water with the scooter. In short, the social modes on TikTok never cease to amaze… for the worse.

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Napoli scooter challenge: the new trend of TikTok

Naples out of town, Naples scooter challenge,We would have to tell TikTok Trending, as in fact we have already talked about it. This time, however, there is no need to travel abroad to observe the new viral phenomenon of the moment. Just go to the South, to Campania, a Naples. Between video denunciation and viral videos on social networks, we discover a new trend, that of scooter in water. Young people who rent electric cars, or directly with their own, ready to dive into the sea for a few views and a few likes. A fashion which, in addition to pollution, can also be harmful for the same kids who try their hand at the challenge. We would like to be amazed by all this but now it has almost become a habit. One could say, perhaps, that between those who shit in the mouth and those who set themselves on fire, it is almost the least scandalous.

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Napoli scooter challenge: the complaint of the councilor Borrelli

Borrelli assault sea hospital, Naples challenge scooter,If social media videos weren’t enough, the regional councilor Borrelli to make everything even better known. In fact, it’s his video claim broadcast through his online channels, where he protests against this absurd challenge. “They risk getting hurt for making silly videos,” he says. “Guys, leave a mark on yourself with something constructive and lasting.“This is his advice. “On social networks, modes constantly appear in which the protagonists of the videos risk being definitely hurt”. The director of Europa Verde continues. “We will continue to denounce this phenomenon because social networks are not a separate and distant reality from the real world”. In reality: “Anyone who gets hurt in these videos actually gets hurt.“. Not to mention that: “Other people seeing these phenomena will want to imitate them, so we must monitor the situation and intervene as soon as possible”.

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Napoli challenge scooter: the other crazy trends of the moment

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If launching into the sea with a scooter seems like an absurd trend, perhaps you missed those of the previous articles. Let’s start with that of pot holder, made in Dubai. Consists of to defecate in the mouth, coming to turn, in exchange for money. Then comes that of BME Pain OlympicsReal Pain Tolerance Olympics, where we torture ourselves or tear our genitalsthe. Then there is the phenomenon of fire challengeand, easily guessed from the name. That is to say: setting fire to certain objects and parts of your body record the reaction. Finally, we conclude with that of Surf Train: standing on a moving train. In Tuscany alone, these last two trends landed two boys in hospital. One burned to 50%, while the other was electrocuted by the high voltage cables. A question then arises spontaneously: Why?

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