The Porsche painted by Cleto Munari on display at the Museum of Santa Caterina

The halls of the Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso will host in a spectacular setting more than 80 works that will recount 50 years of design history and the passion for beauty in all its forms.


The obsession with beauty“is the title of the great exhibition that will open its doors on Friday May 20 in Treviso within the framework of [e]Design festival organized by Luciano Setten and Paola Bellin. “Two exhibitions devoted to a great master of design: Cleto Munari, 92 years of inexhaustible creativity. Munari travels not only where artists and the arts are “institutional”, but also where beauty does not lend itself to worship but to production. The obsession with beauty, in fact,” explain the curators. The OpenDream exhibition space, meanwhile, will be inaugurated.marble species“, a project that is expressed in a line of 20 tables of artists in unique edition of which Cleto Munari is the creator with 14 of the best contemporary designers in tow: Mario Botta, Michele De Lucchi, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Mimmo Paladino, Oscar Tusquets, Alessandro Mendini, Fabrizio Plessi, Paolo Portoghesi, David Palterer and others.


The artist

Cleto Munari he is a character breaking with traditional canons: he will form a great friendship with Enzo Ferrari and for whom he will design a reinterpretation of the famous prancing horse, the company logo. the Porsche Carrera Cleto Munari 911 decorated and personalized by 5 artists (including Cleto Munari) and presented as a world premiere in 1999 on the occasion of one of its major anthological exhibitions at Castel Sant’Angelo, along with all its other collections. In 1987, the “Cleto Munari Watches” collection was born: in Treviso, the Graves, Isozaki, Hollein Colonna, Sottsass and other watches. Also on display at Santa Caterina are the ‘Palafitte’ table, two round tables by Mimmo Paladino, the Halley, Mobilino and Fantasmagorica sideboards. 20 tables made by Cleto Munari and Zanella Marmi snc, designed by Mendini, Fuksas, Portoghesi, Tusquets, Paladino, Plessi and 5 by Cleto Munari, will instead be exhibited at the Opendream event space as a world premiere. For the ‘Art Carpets’ collection, the carpet designed by Sandro Chia will be exhibited, among others.

Another section of the exhibition will be dedicated to Munari’s glass. Made during the last twenty years of his career, they represent the constant stylistic search for new expressive forms of glass for which he used the collaboration of artists and designers from all over the world, invited to his Murano glassworks to “blow” glass. “Micromacro”, “I 12 Veronese”, “Corolle d’Autore”, “Acque” are the names of some collections created in recent years. “The art of living” therefore and not just of being admired is the new expression of art that Cleto Munari has been pursuing since the beginning of this century. A new way in which friends participate as always to create a collection for furnishing. Recently, Cleto Munari dedicated himself to a new jewelry collection, this time all by himself. 100 jewels and more already made but many more to come. And a book published by Treccani has already been published with photos and images of this “first” creative phase which is renewed day after day like a flooded river.

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