May 16. Tomorrow as forty years ago.

Tomorrow will be a Monday, then it was a Sunday.

It was in 1982, on the radio it sounded: ‘everyday stories…. old talk… Always to be done… stories still on the benches, waiting for a happy ending’, verses of the piece by Riccardo Fogli which had triumphed at the Sanremo Festival in front of the ‘Happiness’ of the stainless couple Al Bano and Romina Power (who were still together), for fans of disco music there were the syncopated synthesizer beats of colorful English band Imagination with their ‘Just an illusion’, a splendid spinto falsetto hit.

1982, the beginning of a decade of transition towards the ebbwhere collective slogans began to make less and less sense, in keeping with Ms Tatcher’s credo: “society does not exist, individuals exist”, unsurprisingly the English Prime Minister with the other most unbridled champion of neoliberalism that US President Reagan was beginning to destroy the welfare state and workers’ rights, leading an offensive that is now visible, and whose results are “gratifying”.

The Bel Paese scandalized by the Banco Ambrosiano affair which will end on June 18 in London under the bridge of the black monks from which hung the body of the banker of God Roberto Calvi, was governed by the first executive directed by non-Christians, the Spadolini government. That year also had its imperialist guerricciola, Great Britain had gone to fight it 13 thousand kilometers from its territory, that is to say up to the Falkland Islands, whose sovereignty it claimed against Argentina.

Life was pretty quiet in FlorenceTimberland shoes on our feet, we went out quietly with friends and girlfriends in the beautiful and fragrant spring evenings and went to eat a pizza that cost a few tickets with the face of Giuseppe Verdi then Marco Polo (the thousand liras).

He led a quiet life and went to the stadium, the Comunale of Florence also because Artemio Franchi was alive and well and he fought with his brothers from the secret P2 lodge of Licio Gelli, and also because that year there was a beautiful Fiorentina.

Owned by the Pontello family, with Coach of De Sisti, captain of Antognoni (who in November risked his life in the clash with Genoa goalkeeper Martina) then Graziani, Pecci, Monelli, Massaro, Galli, Bertoni, Casagrande, Cuccureddu and Vierchowod.

The team rotates, and despite several faults by the referees, Fiorentina are approaching the last match of the championship paired with Juventus, the previous week, on May 8 the Ferrari driver Villeneuve tragically lost his life, during the Grand Prix events from Belgium.

And so we come to May 16: the violas are on stage in Cagliari, Juventus go to Catanzaro.

Fiorentina take the advantage in Cagliari with Graziani on a corner, the ball falls into the box, the goalkeeper intervenes and loses it, the ball ends up on Ciccio who pockets quickly, the referee Mattei de Macerata sees (alone) a foul by Bertoni on the goalkeeper and cancels….

At Catanzaro with 15 from the end comes a penalty (which was there) for Juve transformed by Brady for the victory of Juventus which means Scudetto.

In the bitter days that followed, in the city, it began to appear on lampposts, on the rear windows of cars, on mopeds, everywhere.: it was a sticker, created by the brilliant boy band of Sporting Thrill, glorious purple cheer magazine.

There was a portrait of a lion, the famous sculpture by Donatello Marzocco, who made a bold and sarcastic tongue and held a shield with the words “better seconds than thieves” and the signature Brivido Sportivo, no other references was necessary then and not necessary today.

40 years have passed, the team with the lily in the chest is doing well again this yeareven if he doesn’t fight (yet?) for big goals, nevertheless he has it, not sensational, but desired and passes for the game tomorrow with Sampdoria and the next one with Juve (which is another team compared to the time, in another football and in another Italy), the day is the same, but beyond a careful look at the referees, which is a good rule and is always there (like the water and oil), the coincidence is just an amarcord with which they intended to start the playto inform the youngest and revive the memory of old people like us.

“Let’s try to finish on a high,” he said verbis Mr. Italiano thinking that if it is true that there is a lack of contemporaneity in the championship to favor those who give money to the balli.e. the TV master of steam, it’s also true that you can see how happy he is to have had a week to prepare for tomorrow’s challenge: “to prepare in seven days, this is not like doing it in the middle of training”.

The purple coach then philosophizes on his footballing creed: ‘I don’t baptize the starting teams a priori’ and he talks about his search for the game always and in any case, ‘also because when we didn’t do it, we closed ourselves’ and advocates the concrete , whose lack, last with Roma apart, ‘it is a fault that we have brought with us this year, for the next one we will have to demand more from us’.

He says it with confidence and it’s a good sign on the eve of a match which is the penultimate of the beautiful championship that his Fiorentina has made so far, The Italian then challenges Giampaoloson of emigrants abroad like him, and therefore also born abroad, Giampaolo is from Bellinzona, Italian from Karlsruhea confrontation under the sign of Saint Francesca Cabrini, protector of immigrants.

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