The young people of “La via della Bellezza”, already active in many churches in Milan with their “advertisements of beauty”, have expanded their proposal by adding thematic routes: through the historical and artistic characteristics of a church, the reading passages from Sacred Scripture and a hands-on workshop on a particular spiritual theme will be explored.


The young of The Path to Beauty, already active in many churches in Milan with their “beauty announcements”, have expanded their proposal by adding thematic routes.

Usually young people broadcast “advertisements of beauty” or offer visits to some churches in Milan, in which the historical and artistic data serve to highlight the symbolic, spiritual, religious component: it is on the latter that the ” beauty ads” are more focused. To this page find all the information to participate in a “beauty announcement”.

THE PROPOSAL OF THEMATIC ROUTES [Per tutti i dettagli scarica questo file]
Thematic routesInstead, are a desire to enter even deeper into the spiritual sphere and to deepen a specific religious theme such as Pentecost, the Nativity, the figure of the saints

During the visit, the young people will use the historical and artistic features of churches bring out the sacred meaning.
They will also offer the reading of passages from Sacred Scripture or other texts for in-depth analysis.
At last, the meeting will end with a short workshop: that is to say that a practical activity to be carried out together or a sharing will be proposed.

The proposed experiences are distinguished by age groups, in order to be usable for children as well as for young people and adults.

The proposal is particularly suitable for children and young people in summer oratories (for more information download this poster).

To participate in a thematic beauty ad, write to this e-mail address (, indicating the number of those who wish to participate in the initiative, the name and surname of the contact person and a telephone number.

The contact person will be contacted to agree on the day and time at which it will be possible to participate in the thematic route.

Here are the churches in Milan where these thematic routes are active:

San Marco (p.zza S. Marco, 2 – Milan): “Holy Family” and “Images of Saint Mark”;
Santa Maria della Passione (via Vincenzo Bellini, 2 – Milan): “Church of love and pain”;
San Pietro in Gessate (via Filippo Corridoni, 12 – Milan): “Sant’Ambrogio, patron saint of Milan. His Miracles Told in Painting” and “Beyond Friendship: The Close Bond Between San Martino and Sant’Ambrogio”;
San Vincenzo to Prato (via Daniele Crespi, 6 – Milan)“Like stones in a mosaic, we are testimony”;
Sant’Alessandro in Zebedia (p.zza S. Alessandro – Milan): “Joseph and Mary: husband and parents” and “The birth of the child Jesus”; “Merciful God” and “Our friend Jesus”;
Santa Maria Annunciata in the Red Church (via Neera, 24 – Milan): “The Colors of Emotions” and “Lights, Colors and Emotions of a Suburban Neighborhood”;
San Giorgio al Palazzo (p.zza S. Giorgio, 2 – Milan): “Telling a story in pictures: comics” and “What do sacred images tell us today? » ; “Being a Christian in Roman times” and “The martyrs: madness or freedom? “.

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