These are the best repairing shampoos for brittle hair you can buy, according to a German test

A new German test, which analyzed 50 repair shampoos, shows which products are the “cleanest” on the market, i.e. those which do not contain controversial ingredients for health and the environment

Repair shampoos are formulations specially designed for brittle hair, they promise to make our hair visibly healthier. A new German test compared 50 of them and of these 18 obtained the best marks (there are also some references sold in our country).

The new test on so-called “repairing” shampoos was carried out by the magazine Öko-Test on a very large number of products sold in German supermarkets and stores. The goal was not to understand if these shampoos are really able to repair damaged hair, on this subject the German magazine writes:

Once a hair is broken, a shampoo cannot cure it. That is why the name repair shampoo, which has established itself in the market, is actually a scam. After all, our hair is made up of a lifeless horny substance, and whether the inner keratin strands or the outer cuticle are damaged, this condition is irreversible. On the other hand, hair care can hide the damage and at least make the hair visually healthier.

German laboratories have searched for the presence of controversial substances in the various shampoo samples. And, as is the case with other tests already carried out in the past, they have in fact been found various ingredients deemed problematic (but still within legal limits and at very low concentrations):

  • PEGwhich can make the skin more permeable to foreign substances
  • Organohalogen compoundsa group of several thousand substances, many of which are considered allergens, some cause cancer and almost all accumulate in the environment
  • BHT (butylhydroxytoluene): suspected of acting as an endocrine disruptor
  • Cinnamic alcohol, hydroxytronellal and isoeugenol: fragrances that can trigger allergies
  • ICT (Methylchloroisothiazolinone): heavily regulated preservative in the EU due to its allergenic potential
  • Ethylhexylmethoxy cinnamate: UV filter suspected of acting like a hormone
  • Formaldehyde: considered highly allergenic, it irritates the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes even in small quantities
  • Galaxolid: artificial musk fragrance which is considered a pollutant

In addition, 17 shampoos were found reused silicones or other synthetic polymerssubstances that are dispersed into the environment in large quantities by sewage and which, in some cases, decompose very slowly.

The best shampoos

As we have already said, there are 18 shampoos that are awarded in the test and among these there are some references that we can also buy in Italy. It’s about:

  • Logona with organic sea buckthorn
  • Saints with organic olive oil and pea protein
  • The truth repair

best repair shampoo review

best repairing shampoo 2

A judgement Nevertheless Welleven if they are not among the best, they also get:

  • Level Repair
  • Yves Rocher Repair

nivea repairing shampoo test

Yves Rocher repairing shampoo test

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Source: Öko-Test

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