tips, methods and products to do it at home

The methods, tips and best DIY hair lamination products. Here’s how to have healthy, strong and shiny hair and all the steps to do this treatment at home.

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The hair lamination it’s a polishing techniqueable to make hair longer bright, strong And in good health.

The hair is subjected to a rolling agent based on collagenwhich envelops them from root to tip, forming a film enlightening and uplifting. Finally, the substances contained in the treatment penetrate the hair and come fixed by the heat of hair straighteners you hate hair dryer.

This technique, practiced in the best hair salonsuitable for both straight hair that curlsbut it is particularly recommended for brittle hair, ends, bleached or tendency to break. In fact, it can legitimately be considered one of the the most effective methods to grow healthy and strong hair.

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However, it should not be confused with the polishing: a mechanical technique which consists in cutting the hair with a mower or with some the scissors professional.

As good as eyelash laminationeven this for hair can be done at home. In the latter case, it will certainly have a lower cost than the lamination at the hairdresserwhose price varies according to the length of the hair, oscillating between the 50 € he 80€.

Below we present the tipsI methods yes best products prepare a DIY layeringnatural and economical, which replaces the rolling agent with a pantry ingredient: the Gelatinrich in collagen.

Professional lamination and home lamination: advantages and disadvantages

The hair lamination it works best hair salon and involves the use of a rolling agent based on keratin or collagen, which penetrates inside the hair thanks to the action of the heating plate. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of lamination and DIY hair lamination? Here is a list of the main ones.

  • Type of treatment: Professional lamination involves the use of reinforcing and polishing chemicals, capable of guaranteeing immediate and long-lasting results. Do-it-yourself lamination, on the other hand, uses only natural substances, free of parabens, silicones, petrolatum and harmful chemicals.
  • Duration of hair lamination: professional lamination ensures a duration of up to 6 months. The one made at home, on the other hand, must be repeated every 10/15 days.
  • Cost of Treatment: While home lamination is negligible in cost, the price of a professional lamination ranges from $60 to $80, depending on the type and length of hair to be treated.
  • Contraindications for the skin: the two treatments, if practiced for too long, can cause dryness of the skin.

Methods for doing hair lamination at home

The hair lamination it’s a professional techniquepracticed by hairdresser to do the healthier hair, strong And brightand give them what is called “the mirror effect”.

However, it is possible to carry out this treatment also at homeand obtain more fluid and shiny hair without having to subject it to chemical agents and fixers.

This is why we offer you two methods to do hair lamination at homemade with natural products and readily available.

Homemade Hair Layering with Conditioner and Vegetable Gelatin Sheets

Hair lamination with conditioner is an equally valid alternative to the previous method. The difference lies in the products used: the balmpossibly in action nutrient And reinforcementand the sheet vegetable gelatinto dissolve in hot water.


  • 1 tablespoon vegetable gelatin in sheets (or powder)
  • 3 tablespoons hot water
  • Conditioner to taste

To make the DIY lamination with conditioner and gelatin sheets, simply mix the gelatin powder with your conditioner, preferably with a nourishing and fortifying action, perform a shampooDivide the hair into thin strands and spread the treatment over the lengths.

At this point, all that remains is to let the product act for 45 minuteswrapping the head with a turban, cling film or shower cap, rinse the hair and dry it with warm air, in order to facilitate the fixing of the treatment.

DIY hair lamination with natural mask

Below we offer you a homemade method of hair lamination, prepared with only two ingredients.

In this case, we recommend that you choose the edible gelatin powder, of plant origin, and a biological maskfree of silicones, parabens, petrolatum or other harmful chemicals.


  • 1 tablespoon vegetable gelatin powder
  • Natural hair mask to taste

To perform the homemade lamination with mask, it is necessary to mix the gelatin powder with the natural mask, wash the hair with shampoo, divide the hair into thin strands and apply the “reinforced” mask with gelatin on the lengths.

To promote the action of the treatment, simply let it act at least 30 minuteswrapping the head with a turban, rinse the hair with water and dry it with warm air.

Best DIY Hair Layering Products

If you feel like you don’t have theskill minimum, necessary to perform the do-it-yourself lamination, you can always buy a shampoo, mask or conditioner online, formulated with effective and targeted ingredients.

To help you choose the most suitable product, we offer best diy lamination treatmentsalso to be used in combination with each other.

1. Complete Retrò Hair Lamination Kit

Characterized by advanced film-forming technology, capable of wrapping the hair from root to tip, this Retro kit for hair lamination it is configured as a full treatment.

Indeed, it includes not only the real layering maskbut also shampoothe balm it’s a leave-in product.

Plus, it’s vegan and free of chemicals that are harmful to skin and hair.

2. Hair Lamination Shampoo by Spa Master Professional

Ideal for bleached, dull and brittle hair, Spa Master Profesional hair laminating shampoo is able to protect and strengthen.

It is formulated with targeted and effective ingredients, among which the Chia seedsL’grape extractthe castor and coconut oils and the wheat germ.

3. Spa Master Professional Laminating Hair Mask

Belonging to the same range as the previous product, Spa Master Profesional layering mask it is ideal for brittle, fine and bleached hair.

Contains Chia seeds, grape extract, castor and coconut oils And wheat germand is enriched with Vitamin E, milk proteins And keratin.

It is advisable to apply the mask on wet hair, after shampooing, and to leave it on for 40/45 minutes before rinsing.

4. Inebrya Liquid Crystal Layering

Perfect for giving hair a shiny effect, Inebrya Layering Liquid Crystals I am able to do it shiny and soft hairwithout greasing them.

It is a real professional product, to be applied after the shampooon already dry hair, or before using the straightener.

5. BKA lamellar serum for hair lamination

Ideal for invigorating hair, BKA lamellar serum for hair lamination is configured as a intensive treatmentcapable of disciplining them, strengthening them and enlightening them.

This treatment, in contact with the humidity of wet hair, rebuilds the fiber, giving it greater glow.

6. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Wonder Water Liquid Conditioner

Featuring an innovative lamellar technologyable to make hair soft and shiny from the first application, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Wonder Water Liquid Conditioner it is ideal to use for DIY layering.

With a texture and color very close to water, it contains active nutrients, protein And amino acidsideal for protecting, disciplining and fortifying the hair.

Tips for doing hair lamination at home

The DIY hair lamination let’s get Hair After smooth And bright for 10-15 days. However, in order to maximize the results of the treatment, we want to reveal all the secrets of the correct use of the rolling agent.

Let’s find out what they are together.

  • First of all, the hair should always be exposed to heat during the setting phase. Therefore, we recommend that you check that the turban is always warm, warm it with a hair dryer or expose your head to the sun. In this way, in fact, the treatment will be able to penetrate inside the hair.
  • Apply the mask only on the lengths or, at most, 3 cm from the hairline. This treatment, in fact, could dry out the skin.
  • Prefer vegetable gelatin powder to that in sheets: it will be easier to incorporate into the treatment.
  • Choose natural products for doing hair lamination at home, characterized by the greenest possible INCI and a strengthening function.
  • Customize your home treatment by adding honey, egg yolk or other ingredients, such as argan, jojoba or sweet almond oils, to your mask or conditioner.

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