“TIVOLI in CATWALK – Fashion, Music & Commerce” at Estensi Stables –

June 4 and 5, 2022 the meeting of the year “TIVOLI in Catwalk – Fashion, Music & Commerce” (Opera and Trademark registered with the Organizations concerned) is back, designed, organized and presented by Matteo Pizzolorusso, author of the Opera-Format. Concretely: Saturday June 4 from 5.30 p.m., Sunday June 5 from 5 p.m. . “First of all, I would like to thank the mayor of Tivoli, prof. Giuseppe Proietti and all the municipal administration who have joined and welcomed my initiative by collaborating and supporting the project illustrated and presented by myself,” says the organizer Matteo Pizzolorusso.

After two years of disarray due to the pandemic, in which this event has specifically taken on the character of the “virtual” (remember the splendid “virtual edition“From 2020 and” the best of … “from 2021), the city of Tivoli resumes its past spaces and life in suspended time, thus returning again in presence also for this event that is about to arrive , whose spirit wants to give a new contribution to the economic and social recovery also in our territory, always wanting to restore dignity and importance to the “classic store under the house” that has contributed so much to the growth of our community.

The Fashion & Trend show is set for Sunday, June 5 from 5:00 p.m., PROTAGONISTS the Models of “TIVOLI in CATWALK – Fashion, Music & Commerce”, who will wear the clothes provided by the Merchant Sponsors of the Event, also representing the Merchants who are part of other product categories beyond clothing. To assist the management of Matteo Pizzolorusso the beautiful and talented Giorgia Di Florido, formerly Miss Rocchetta Beauty, direction and scenes entrusted as always to Paolo Pizzolorusso. Image consultants: Barber Superbum Tomas And Beauty Center Blu Angel.

“A respectful thank you”, adds the organizer Matteo Pizzolorusso“I owe it to the permanent staff of the Organization who have collaborated for years with myself in the realization of the event” TIVOLI in CATWALK – Fashion, Music & Commerce “and to the Cast of Models and Models, true PROTAGONISTS of the show with the sponsors represented by them”.

Other objective of the Exhibition / Event is the implication of the Tiburtine Associations engaged for years in the social and cultural field, we quote some of them: the CIS (Centre for Social Integration), the Association “L’Erba L’in” in terms of crafts, the voluntary association of the “Civil Protection of Tivoli”. The musical performances will be organized by the Academy “Cuore in Musica” and by the historical “Circolo Filarmonico Diana” with the presentation of “Evergreen”. There will also be shows related to sports, theater and much more, with the aim of bringing together the young people of our community, creating a synergy of collaboration and aggregation between commercial operators, associations and citizens.

Here are the Merchant Sponsors of “TIVOLI in PASSERELLA – Fashion, Music & Commerce”: Vallini women’s clothing, Gelateria SottoZero, FotoExpress, Tr3Dici men’s clothing, The Wonders of Gorjuss and beyond, Planet men’s and women’s clothing, Centro Servizi Novels, With Love women’s clothing, Tivoli Coffee Shop, men’s and women’s clothing Le Pirri, Norcineria Meucci, Neverland, Vivo Market, Fiorani Electronics, Decembrini Farm, Mt Frozen, Sasso Lab Gym, Pop C’Art, Azzurro Convenienza, Ronci Fior di Fiori, Dal Corazziere Restaurant, Chicca Women’s Clothing.

The organization of the exhibition / event is created and organized by Matteo Pizzolorusso and by the staff belonging to the cultural association “TIVOLI in PASSERELLA – Fashion, music and commerce”.

For info 339 6327881

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