“Traditional recipes. The Mediterranean diet on the table”, the secret of pasta and beans

The aromas and flavors of yesteryear, those of grandmothers’ kitchens, handed down from generation to generation, are increasingly relevant. The important thing is to cook always choosing fresh and quality products, respecting seasonality and thus contributing to a healthy lifestyle and your own well-being.

“Traditional recipes.  The Mediterranean diet on the table”, the secret of pasta and beans

These are the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet, the main theme of the volume “Traditional recipes. The Mediterranean diet on the table“, Edited by Sole365. A book in which the personal memories of employees are transformed into current recipes, embellished with tips and suggestions for obtaining “the dish of the heart”. From Friday to Sunday, May 29 arrives at Neapolis shopping center (via Argine, 380 – entrance Porta del Carmine) also the exhibition The Recipes of Tradition. The Mediterranean Diet on the table promoted by Sole365, after the great success achieved in July at the Living Museum of the Mediterranean Diet in Pioppi and then at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. The exhibition was opened with a Mediterranean tasting with local products, which tell the story of food well. For children, there will be a creative workshop based on the discovery of raw materials. The cookers Gianluca Lenti and Luigi Paparone they will create one of the traditional recipes described by Sole365 contributors in the text specifically for Sole365 cooking: pasta and beans.

A dish of Italian rural tradition, which highlights the typical characteristics of the territory, brings back to the flavors of the past and updates them, with a nod to well-being and the Mediterranean diet, observed, described and practiced by the married couple Margaret and Ancel Keys in the seaside village of Pioppi, in Cilento.


The advice for the recipe is to use small pasta such as tubes and to prefer the use of aromatic herbs such as rosemary and sage, which, together with chilli and garlic, give the dish the right mixture of aromas, enhancing the taste of the beans. For the choice of legumes, cannellini beans and borlotti beans are suitable depending on personal preference.

The book, together with the exhibition promoted by Sole365, aims to bring the public closer to the correct lifestyles and to a deeper knowledge of the products found on the shelves of the shelves. It is no coincidence that Sole365 also recently won the award CX store price as the best fruit and vegetable department for satisfied customers. An annual award, given to brands with the highest number of satisfied customers, which is awarded based on the CX Store survey conducted by Amagi, the research firm specializing in analytics services for retail marketing. industry and distribution. The survey aims to photograph at the national level, by zones and by departments, the real judgment of the 10,299 purchasing managers questioned, who for 2022 awarded this prestigious recognition to the Sole 365.

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