Two young designers of “Sistema Moda” by Busto Arsizio in the final of the Cna Federmoda competition

Two young designers of “Sistema Moda” by Busto Arsizio in the final of the Cna Federmoda competition

ACOF’s great fashion tradition, which continues to thrive in the wake of the teachings of founder Olga Fiorini, brings two new talents to the showcase. (In the group photo – from left to right – Sofia Barni, Silvia D’errico (teacher) and Elisa Hilalh)

It’s about Sofia Barni and Elisa Hilalh, third year students at the Technical Institute of the Fashion System via Varzi in Busto Arsizioable to achieve consensus in the thirty-second edition of national competition “Young Stylists in Fashion Professions – RMI 2022”promoted and supported by CNA Federmoda. The two very young girls – under the direction of Silvia D’errico, professor of ideation and design – managed to obtain one of the thirty places available for the final to be held in Rome, in July, in conjunction with the summer edition of AltaRoma. Fantasy and technique were therefore recognized by the pool of experts who, in the specific case of the Bento students, were responsible for evaluating a series of six proposals submitted by each candidate for the “Underwear and Beachwear” category, therefore with the aim of creating clothes designed for spring-summer 2023.

Olga Fiorini students in the final

The organizing body, through the voice of President Marco Landi, explains the value of the project as follows: “The competition is part of the RMI (Research Fashion Innovation) platform, through which CNA Federmoda has built a vast network of collaborations. It is a constant work, aimed at systemizing the infinity of experiences that characterize the sector, with a view to bringing benefits to all links in the supply chain”. In this sense, ACOF, whose history is based precisely on the passion for tailoring and clothing, has proven to be a reality that is always at the forefront. “The essential aspect of our participation – explains teacher Silvia D’errico – is to show children what lies beyond the walls of the school, encouraging them to interface both with the context work and with their other classmates from other schools. In this sense, I see in this competition the opportunity to compete in a constructive competition”.

The fact of having promoted two students to the final is obviously a source of great pride: “The boys in Sofia’s and Elisa’s class have an advanced level, but it was certainly a very demanding challenge for them. They showed determination and a desire to succeed. I am very proud of the way things have turned out, the results obtained have certainly rewarded the commitment they have put into this proposal”. It only remains to wait for the last stage of the competition, knowing that no matter what, it will be an unforgettable experience. Moreover, the two baby stylists will present themselves in the capital with works that are not only precious, but also full of meaning: “The mini collection dedicated to underwear and the sea that they have created – concludes the teacher – was entirely designed by them, paying maximum attention to prints, fabrics and even having the foresight to give importance to very current aspects in this sector, such as the fight against pollution and fast fashion”.

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