up to 50% off body creams for the arrival of summer

For the arrival of summer we have selected the best beauty offers on body creams, with discounts of up to 50%: many products from the best brands, from Collistar to Vasopure, to firm and hydrate the skin.

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Each bodysuit can be considered a “beach bodysuit” and the concept of a test swimsuit is now largely outdated. However, with the arrival of heat and summer, the skin of the body needs a greater reserve of water, useful for preventing and countering skin aging or water retention.

Therefore, it is good to apply one effective body creamto action moisturizing, nutrient And firming. In this regard, you can find many online beauty promotions. Below we offer the best beauty deals on body creams for the arrival of summerselected from the best known brands: Collister, Vasopure, Clarins, Neutrogena and many more, up to 50% off.

The best beauty promotions on body creams

What then are the more advantageous beauty promotions on body creams? Here the best offers at the top targeted cosmeticsideal for hydrate, harden, drain And to feed deep into the skin, especially during the summer.

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-20% on Vasopure lymphatic drainage body cream: tested and patented to increase thehydration andelasticity skin, this body cream acts effectively on edematous limbs, cellulite and stretch marks. In fact, it contains lactoferrin in liposomesa principle that inhibits lipogenesis with a draining and slimming action.

-15% on Clarins Body Firming Toning Body Cream: perfect for reshaping and toning, this body cream is characterized by a velvety texture and a pleasant fragrance. It is enriched with organic plant extracts of aloe vera, shea butter, kiwi and Mitracarpus. Immediately makes the skin smoother and silkier.

-15% on Clarins Super Moisturizing Body Cream: excellent for deeply moisturizing and nourishing even the driest skin, Clarins body cream is enriched with concentrated shea butter. In addition, it makes the skin smooth and soft, thanks to the extracts of natural origin of raspberry water biological acids, tamarind pulp And oat sugars organic.

-15% on Clarins Huile Tonic body oil: ideal for firming and fighting against stretch marks and cellulite imperfections, this body oil contains 100% pure plant extracts, such as rosemary, geranium and mint essential oils. Moreover, the formula based on Nuts oil keeps the skin well hydrated for a long time.

-50% on Neutrogena Hydro Boost Refreshing Body Balm: enriched with hyaluronic acid, this body balm helps the skin to create a real reserve of water, which keeps the skin well hydrated for the whole day. It is characterized by a light and velvety formula, also suitable for sensitive skin.

-43% on Collistar Doux du Bonheur body cream: with a moisturizing and nourishing action, this body cream is able to make the skin tissues smoother and more toned. It is characterized by a light texture and of easy absorptionand contains a multi-active formulawith slimming, firming and perfecting properties.

-42% off BioNike Body Hydraboost Body Fluid: suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, this body cream protected pollutants and free radicals, and keeps the skin hydrate long. It is characterized by a fluid consistency and leaves a sensation on the skin candy And comfort.

-42% on Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Honey Drops Cream: light and super scented, this body cream restores elasticity and hydration to the skin, without making it greasy. In fact, it contains many beneficial ingredients, such as mossL’amberthe jasminethe green teathe pepper mint and the lemon. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types.

-40% on Collistar Deep Hydration Fluid Cream: ideal for hydrate the body tissues in depth, this concentrated fluid nourishes the skin and prevents aging, ensuring the correct hydrolipidic balance. Contains a formula enriched with hydro-active complex and is suitable for dry skin.

-36% on Aveeno moisturizing body cream: designed for normal to dry skin, this body cream is characterized by a texture creamy And rich, but not fat. Contains prebiotic colloidal oatmeala useful ingredient to improve skin balance and make the skin smoother and more elastic.

-34% on Collistar Intensive Plus Firming Body Cream: Collistar body cream is particularly suitable for normal skin companies And hydrate in depth, it applies easily and absorbs in no time. Contains a collagen and hyaluronic acid activatoruseful for improving the elasticity and tone of the skin.

32% off Elizabeth Arden White Tea Body Cream: softening and soothing, this body cream is formulated with white tea, Madras wood it’s a trio of mosses, which give the product a high moisturizing effect and a delicious fragrance. Moreover, it is enriched with Shea Butter And antioxidants.

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