Vegetarian diet for weight loss: how it works

A diet of this type not only allows us to lose weight and therefore get back in shape, but it is also useful for many other aspects that we consider in this article.

Vegetarian diet: what is it?
The slimming vegetarian diet more than a simple diet, it corresponds to a philosophy of life. In a diet of this type, foods of animal origin are not consumed, therefore meat and fish, for a kind of respect for life in all its forms. But this choice, even when it is not motivated by philosophical convictions, turns out to be healthy insofar as it is foods of animal origin they are often rich in harmful saturated fats for the cardiovascular system and promotes a state of inflammation and acidosis. You can choose to follow the vegetarian diet even just for practical reasons, for example by those who want to eat little meat. The vegetarian diet, unlike the vegan diet, which can be considered the extreme version of the first, instead includes the consumption of eggs and cheeses. The important thing is to consume in small quantities because the the diet is low in fat. Eggs and cheeses and other foods that are part of this diet, i.e. legumes, cereals, mushrooms, soybeans, are used to compensate for the protein deficiency that we get from the consumption of animal meat and vitamin B12.

Experts point out that it is always crucial that there is a balance between nutrients in order to avoid any deficiency.

Vegetarian diet: because it helps to lose weight
The vegetarian diet helps us lose weight thanks to the rather low consumption of fat, which, as mentioned, comes mainly from eggs and cheeses. The vegetarian diet being rich in fiber, it also allows us to purify our body of waste and toxins and therefore also to fight against water retention and improve intestinal function. In summary, the vegetarian diet is a diet that provides us above all with dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid.

It does not say that we must necessarily follow it as a way of life, we can follow it as detox diet for example for 3 or 7 days to get back in shape or purify yourself after the holidays. The vegetarian diet in addition to making us lose weight and eliminating toxins and fat accumulation, it decreases the risk of inflammatory diseases, reduces the risk of hypertension and atherosclerosis, protects the kidneys and delays aging.

Vegetarian diet for weight loss: how it works

Vegetarian slimming diet: sample menu
The menu will obviously have to be studied by a specialist, the following is only a sample menu to give an idea.
FOR breakfast a strawberry or other fruit smoothie with a low-fat white yogurt and a meat smoothie or even a yogurt with a handful of cereals.

Like, how to taste yogurt or fruit.
FOR to eat lunch wholemeal pasta with various vegetables and a salad of tomatoes, carrots and zucchini accompanied by two slices of wholemeal bread.
FOR to taste a handful of raw almonds, cashews or walnuts and a glass of soy milk.
FOR having dinner two soy burgers or spelled and broccoli burgers. You can also choose another protein food such as eggs and cheese. For example, tofu with a choice of green salad drizzled with oil, salt and balsamic vinegar.

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