Verona Beauty Festival, Cristicchi and the “Mystical Concert for Battiato”

Simone Crsiticchi photo Giorgio Amendola

Simone Cristicchi makes her national premiere debut at the Festival of Beauty with her new project “We will return – Mystical concert for Battiato”, Sunday June 19 (9:15 p.m.) at the Roman Theater in Verona.

Cristicchi and the singer Amara, for the first time together on stage, in an ideal handover, confront Battiato’s mystical repertoire with grace and respect, carrying the spiritual messages that have made his work immortal.

“We will return”, far from a sterile celebration, is intended as a musical liturgy on the trail of the unfathomable mystery of Being before the Divine. A musical journey which is a search for the essential in the disarray of modernity, and a “mystical and sensual delight” so necessary at the time in which we live.

They will be accompanied by Valter Sivilotti (piano, arrangements, musical direction) and by the soloists of the Naonis Academy of Pordenone (Lucia Clonferto, violin; Igor Dario, viola; Alan Dartio, cello; UT Gandhi, percussion; Franca Drioli, soprano ).

The alternate interpretation of the pieces – in the brand new form arranged by Maestro Sivilotti – will be guided by some readings by the masters who influenced Battiato’s thought: Rumi, Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi, Willigis Jager and the theologian Guidalberto Bormolini.

Few are the artists who, with their works, are able to “sew” the earth and the sky, achieving the rare harmony capable of awakening and caressing the soul.

Franco Battiato, pilgrim of the Absolute and revolutionary in music, left a precious legacy in which the form/song is alchemically combined with a deep spiritual tension: from the universal prayer “The Shadow of Light” to the poignant “The healing “. ; from “And I come to get you” until the last recorded song “We will come back”, which gives its title to the concert.

“I owe a lot to Battiato, to his infinite grace, to his way of conceiving art as a ‘mission’ that can help the growth and spiritual evolution of his contemporaries – says Simone Cristicchi -. Battiato is a “point of no return”, before and after him, no one else: the only cantor of a divine who has never known incense and sacristies. With the project We will be back, I feel the emotion and the privilege of interpreting his mystical repertoire with Amara, and of immersing myself even more deeply in these messages that cross the borders of time”.

The Verona concert will be preceded by a preview scheduled for June 15 at the Mazzini Park Summer Arena in Salsomaggiore Terme.

The Fête de la Beauté is establishing itself as one of the most original and prestigious national events with unique events linked to each other on the theme of publishing in places of extraordinary beauty.

Promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, the Veneto Region and the Municipality of Verona, it is organized by the Idem association with the ideation and artistic direction of Alcide Marchioro, the editorial programming of Marilisa Capuano, the general coordination of Alessandra Zecchini, the institutional relations of Carlo Renzo Dioguardi and Nicola Pasini. Its main partner is Cattolica Assicurazioni (Generali Group).

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