We learn from Federica Pellegrini: beauty comes in small (and delicious) sips

A tropical extract in the morning: to hydrate the body after a night of fasting and have an energy supply and easily assimilated antioxidants that help the body resist the stress of sports performance. Apple, mango, pineapple, banana, passion fruit in practice, an explosion of taste that smells of exotic lands.

An extract of yellow kiwi and apple before going out at the hottest hours, to stay hydrated and protected for a long time during the hottest hours of the day.

Federica Pellegrini’s Wellness Choice consists of good, healthy, authentic and natural foods that meet sustainability criteria at all points in the supply chain. Products that take into account the impact on the environment and the waste of resources and that contribute to the psycho-physical well-being of people. Because that is the only way beauty is conquered: putting both the well-being of consumers and the world in which we live in the foreground.

The Olympic champion chose OrtoRomi, an agricultural cooperative founded in 1996, one of the main Italian players in the market for ready-to-eat salads, soups and ready meals, and fresh fruit and vegetable extracts. These days two new products have arrived in the fruit and vegetable refrigerated counters to complete the rich assortment of pure fruit and vegetable extracts, all very fresh, healthy and authentic, without preservatives or added sugars. These are the Tropical and Yellow Kiwi flavors that the champion has already tried and are suitable for both adults and children.

As nutritionist biologist Martina Donegani says, “Absolutely natural, OrtoRomi Tropical extract is ideal for quenching your thirst and maintaining the correct water balance in a fresh and light way. It is perfect to complete the morning breakfast. It is therefore perfect to put in a bag (but also in the children’s backpack) and to enjoy in the morning because it retains all its properties for 4 hours even when kept out of the fridge. Or it can be a valid ally in the sports bag to recover energy more quickly after training. Perfect for this season, for the first days of heat, but also for every day, the new Kiwi Giallo OrtoRomi flavor awaits us. “Absolutely natural – continues the nutritionist biologist – it is ideal for quenching your thirst and maintaining the correct water balance in a fresh and light way. It is particularly excellent in summer, before going to the beach to rehydrate and fill up with mineral salts, counteracting possible dehydration due to heat and perspiration; it is also indicated in all seasons, for the well-being of the immune system”.

And since well-being and beauty are intimately linked, it is also worth testing all the other essential flavors packaged in 250 or 500 ml bottles: Avocado (250 ml), Kiwi (250 ml), Lemon and mint (250 ml). and 500 ml), Ginger (250 ml and 500 ml), Mango (250 ml and 500 ml), Fennel (250 ml), Red fruits (250 and 500 ml), Blueberry (250 ml), Pomegranate (250 ml and 500 ml), Strawberry (250 ml). Not to mention the 500 ml mono-flavor extracts: 100% Pink Lady®, 100% Pineapple, 100% Blonde Orange, 100% Sicilian Red Orange PGI

Goodness, freshness and unique authenticity are the common ingredients of all the extracts obtained thanks to HPP technology which maintains the smell and taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as the vitamins and antioxidants they contain, without it being need to add more. water, sugar, colorings and preservatives.

So to achieve well-being and beauty, just shake the bottle (made with 50% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable) and taste, in small and delicious sips, what nature offers us. Without adding anything else.

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