Weight loss diet: when not to weigh yourself

Weight loss diet: when not to weigh yourself

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In the weight loss diet, there comes a very dreaded moment and that of stepping on the scale. A difficult moment because it allows us to understand if the efforts made have been effective. In this case, it is good to pay attention to what times of the day are good to weigh yourself and when it is better to avoid.

Weight loss diet: when to weigh yourself

Dieting can be very difficult, but to get back in shape, it is important to know how to give up all those harmful and waist-increasing foods. In addition to following the diet, there is also another very difficult moment: the comparison with the scale which makes it possible to understand whether the efforts made are worth it or not.

Dieters worry about whether their perseverance pays off. A study that was published some time ago showed that women have a habit of stepping on the scale often throughout the year. The scale, knowing how much they weigh and whether dieting efforts are bringing results is a bit of an obsession.

According to expert opinion, it should weigh yourself at least once a week and only after several days to verify the difference. We must always weigh ourselves at the same time and in the same time slot of the day in order to limit the fluctuations in weight that we encounter.

It is essential to choose the right time to weigh yourself. Also according to the study that was carried out, it is advisable to weigh yourself on Wednesday, considered the day of the middle of the week and far from the excesses and excesses of the weekend. On that same day, it would also be useful to start the diet.

Weight loss diet: when not to weigh yourself

If Wednesday, according to the study carried out by leading experts and researchers, is the right day to weigh yourself and even start the weight loss diet, there are also times when it would be better to stay away from the scales and therefore avoid weight control. It is advisable not to weigh yourself immediately after consuming carbohydrate-rich meals.

It would be a good idea to avoid the scale after eating sushi, pizza or salty foods. Foods high in sodium can lead to weight gain and thus reverse all the results obtained so far. The morning is not the time to weigh yourself especially if in the evening you have overdone it with food and dishes.

It is also not recommended to weigh yourself following a strenuous workout or activity because, in this phase, we tend to lose a lot of mineral salts which can be the cause of liquid stagnation. It would always be best to wait at least a few days before stepping on the scale after physical activity.

In the pre and post menstrual cycle phase, it would be best to avoid stepping on the scale as hormonal factors tend to affect the weight and hence give a false and disappointing result on the screen. The results obtained by the scale following a very long flight or when you have intestinal difficulties are not considered reliable.

Weight loss diet: supplement

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