What Robb Wolf taught us about the paleo diet

Robb Wolf is a former expert biochemist at paleo diet, who has always taught us to follow the Paleolithic diet and continues to give us many tips. In this article we will see some examples of nutrition in the Paleo Diet, and therefore understand which foods are allowed. We will also discover the indications and teachings of this well-known supporter of paleo dietdesigned by Dr. Loren Cordain.

The paleo diet today

The original Paleolithic diet, the one actually followed by primitive man, was largely composed of foods of plant origin. It provided for the consumption of fruitespecially in warmer climatic zones, and roots, bulbs, seeds and berries in the coldest temperature zones. Among the paleo foods of the past, there were also Meat And fish. This is what our ancestors ate. Today, those who follow the paleo diet “imitate” our caveman ancestors. The difference is that cavemen gathered fruits and berries for themselves, and hunted and fished their dinner on their own…whereas we just buy what we want to eat!

We practiced the Paleolithic diet, also called paleontological dietit is therefore necessary to consume:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • seeds,
  • dried fruit,
  • Meat,
  • fish,
  • Egg

Not all grain derivatives are paleo foods. All types of sugar, all “junk food” and those industrially processed are also to be avoided. Obviously, not all “modern” foods should be eliminated: some are allowed because they are more authentic, but they must still be carefully selected.

A word from the paleo nutrition expert

As expected, among the current supporters of this regime, we find Robb Wolf. This former biochemist researcher has written highly acclaimed books, such as “The Paleo Diet” and “The Tailored Paleo Diet”. Currently, millions of people follow him through his website and social profiles. The expert also publishes his studies in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism and is also a board member of the Clinical Medical Health Specialist in Reno Nevada.

In recent years, Robb Wolf has worked not only to explain this diet in detail, but also to shed light on the main prejudices on the paleo diet. He did this by analyzing the nutritional tables of various foods. In this sense, he taught us that cereals and dairy products are not the only foods rich in nutrients: meat and fish too!

He also explained that contrary to popular belief, the only sources of fiber aren’t grains and legumes, which aren’t allowed on the paleo diet. Fruits, vegetables and seeds also offer a high amount. Moreover, always comparing many nutritional tables, he explains and offers in his books the evidence that a diet without cereals, dairy products and legumes does not trigger food shortages!

paleo diet

neuroregulation of appetite

Another teaching from Robb Wolf focuses specifically on appetite neuroregulation. In some situations we eat the right amount of food, while in others we overdo it. Wolf has shown that this diet can help us control our appetite. Thanks to this diet, we are faced with healthy and healthy foods, which fill us up and do not push us to overeat.

Paleo diet: More updates from Robb Wolf

Among the latest suggestions, published in particular in the book The Paleo Diet Made to Measure, Wolf addresses sportsmen advising them to double or triple the servings of paleo foods brought to the table at main meals. All proponents of this diet also recommend do not totally eliminate the rice and also shows an opening towards the moderate and occasional consumption of oats, corn and legumes.

Finally, he states that he would like “that everyone ate grass-fed beef, organic vegetables and sustainably caught fish“. At least we try, right?

Thanks to his advice on paleo diet, Robb Wolf has changed the lives of many people, providing many insights and some interesting examples of the paleozone regime. He has taught us a lot and will continue to do so, highlighting the many benefits offered by this diet often considered “strange”, but actually more familiar than you think!

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