When Tom Hanks Made Everyone Laugh at Michael Clarke Duncan’s Funeral

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Michael Clarke Duncanactor best known for being a splendid John Cafe no more The green Line from Frank Darabont sadly, he passed away on September 3, 2012. Many celebrities attended the funeral, including Tom Hank, Duncan’s set partner in the film based on Stephen King’s book.

On this occasion, the Oscar-winning actor for Forrest Gump he managed to make everyone laugh with an anecdote about the good giant who had just disappeared.

I swear this story is true, he told me himself – begins Hanks. Michael grew up in a neighborhood of Chicago that the three of us don’t know. In the neighborhood where he grew up, there were several gangs. And one of the groups had a trademark red-dyed tuft placed between their afro hair.

Mike said to me, “I liked those guys, they were cool.” Mike then decided to join this gang and I asked him “How did you decide to join the gang?” And him: “You walk and they tell you if it’s good for them to join the group. And then they beat you for 20 minutes. And that’s how you get into the gang.

So after being savagely beaten for 20 minutes, Michael became a member of this gang and they allowed him to dye this tuft on his head red. After that, he was able to go home.

At that time he said to me “My mother was in the kitchen, she was cooking something and I sat down on the chair, I touched my head and I pulled my hair back so that she can see my new red tuft”

I have now seen his mother – continues Tom Hanks – who is as tall as this podium. I guess it was as big as the oven itself. Here’s how the story unfolded. Mike continued: My mother asked me ‘What’s on your head Mike?’ And me: ‘It’s my trademark mum, I’m in a gang now’ And her: ‘Oh really, you in a gang now?’

At that time, she came out and carried this frying pan over her head and the pork knuckle in it flew all over the kitchen. On the other side of the kitchen, I was crying. And my mother said, after she picked up her fork, as she picked up the pork knuckle and put it back in the pan, ‘Now you go, you borrow the scissors from your sister and you cut this thing that they give you. put in the hair“.

Michael went to the mirror and cut that lock of hair – continues in the Tom Hanks story. And so she had this beautiful curly hair with this beautiful hole where this red streak was. So he went back to his mom and said, “Okay mom, I cut my hair” And she said, “Now go see your friends and tell them you’re not in this gang.”

“So I went to the corner where the gang met, found them, and told them that my mother didn’t want me to belong to that gang ‘” – continues in Duncan’s story. “And that did they do? – Hanks asks. “They beat me savagely for the second time” – Duncan concludes.

We miss you so much Michael!

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