Widespread hotels, where hospitality is a woman – Beauty

(by Marzia Apice) (ANSA) – ROME, MAY 24 – Hospitality is female in major Italian hotels: 65% of the total staff are in fact female and are employed in all departments, from management to communication, from the reception to the cleaning. This is what emerges from the survey that the ADI – National Association of Diffuse Hotels has carried out this month, in view of the 24th General Assembly scheduled for May 30 in Castel San Giovanni (Pg), precisely to find out what is the weight of the presence of women in the management (in terms of employment, for the different areas of management and by type of contract) of this type of accommodation. The research revealed that in Diffused Hotels, an innovative “made in Italy” hospitality model (designed by Giancarlo Dall’Ara, president of ADI) and strongly rooted in the territory, especially in historic villages and small cities, narrows the gender gap and creates predominantly female jobs. From the questionnaires distributed, collected and analyzed by the Association, it appears that female staff represent 64.4% of the total number of permanent employees, 70.8% of seasonal employees, 57.8% of on-call employees . With regard to the type of work, compared to 52% of structures that mainly employ women at managerial and administrative level, and 61% of structures in which Communication and Marketing functions are carried out mainly by women, 82% of the Albergo Diffusi have mostly female staff in the dining room, 75% have mostly female staff in the kitchen, 69.6% have mostly female staff at reception, and almost all Diffusi hoteliers entrust room cleaning to women. If the Italian hotel tradition has historically known a clear division of roles between men and women, the former being involved in management, technical activities and relations with the “outside” (from maintenance to sales via relations with suppliers) and the second mainly dedicated to the “internal” and reception activities (such as cooking and cleaning the rooms), in the Albergo Diffusi the female staff is not only predominant, but invades all domains. Added to this is a significant additional feature: namely that it is precisely the women who “mark” with their own style the open and never “sterile” reception that characterizes these structures located in different buildings but inside of the same urban core. , places always respectful of the identity of the territory to which they belong, attentive to detail and sustainability, in which each guest feels at home and is in constant contact with the residents. (MANIPULATE).