with bangs like Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin


The fringe that will mark next summer’s hair trend bears the name of the famous English actress, of French adoption, Jane Birkin, who made this cut her main characteristic. Jane Birkin wore the bangs in different ways: sometimes loose and longer on the sides, with the central part flush with the eyebrows and, on other occasions, more open leaving the forehead free. The main characteristic of this bangs is the length (never above the eyebrows) and the portion of hair, which must be full and abundant. About that Harper’s Bazaar asked Stefano Terzuolo, hairstylist and founder of GUM Salon in Milan, what are the secrets to achieving this fringe at its best.

Birkin fringe: how is it made?

This type of bangs is achieved by cutting the hair horizontally with the tip of the scissors, in order to achieve fullness and separation, without removing too much weight. We proceed from the center to the sides, leaving the side parts longer than the center. For maintenance it is recommended every three or four weeks to touch up the shape. Birkin bangs are mostly suitable for straight or slightly wavy and thick hair. Not recommended however in the case of fine hair because it would be too lean, while in the case of curly hair the desired result would not be obtained.

Fringe Birkin: who is it for?

This bangs suit almost all face types, the most important thing to pay attention to is the length of the cut. It is indeed not recommended on hair whose length exceeds four fingers above the shoulders, such as the square.

Birkin bangs: tips for styling and maintenance at home

The style is very free and minimal, because the rougher it is, the more the “Birkin” effect will be obtained. During the drying phase, it is advisable to proceed with the jet of the hair dryer from top to bottom, accompanying with your hands as if it were a comb. To achieve this “messy” effect, it is ideal to use a salt texturizing spray, which will absorb excess sebum, mattifying the hair, giving a separate matte effect. In case of oily scalp and fine hair, we recommend a shampoo based on peppermint oil and lemon peel, which regulates the amount of sebum and gives volume to the root.

Volume, shape and hold: here are the right products to take care of the fringe

Supernova Meg Shampoo

Gentle and moisturizing organic shampoo with peppermint extracts, perfect for fine hair that tends to get dirty quickly. Gives volume to the hair and releases a feeling of freshness on the skin.

Schwarzkopf Got2be InstaShine Hair Spray

Designed for the finishing touch: it camouflages imperfections and gives shine to the hair, like a real gloss. Also spray on the brush for a more uniform effect.

Tecni Art Transformer Lotion by L’Oreal Professional

A fibrous paste which, worked between the hands, gives control and definition especially in mid-length looks.

Ocean Spray by Maria Nila

Multifunctional spray perfect for creating a textured look and beachy waves. It stimulates hair growth, thanks to the sunflower seed extract and the vitamins and minerals present in the formula.

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