Woman mortified by hairdresser’s ‘failure’ that it looks like the salon didn’t even touch her hair

Going to a hair appointment and not being happy with the results is a nightmare coming true for many.

Even if you’ve shelled out for a new job that you don’t like, most people will be reluctant to complain and hesitantly thank the hairdresser for the job done.

Amy Jade, from Southampton, is usually worried about confrontation and ‘never’ complains, but after experiencing a ‘failure’ in hairdressing she knew she had to speak up.

The singer-songwriter took to TikTok to share with her 53,000 followers how her hair date quickly turned from hell.

Amy had gone to a wedding, so she wanted her “blocked” roots cleared, but she didn’t get exactly what she was hoping for.

She explained: “It was my hair after I went to the hairdresser yesterday…later.”

Woman mortified by hairdresser’s ‘failure’ that it looks like the salon didn’t even touch her hair

Amy is not used to confrontation

Amy then shared a photo of the back of her head which featured a dark patch of unfused roots with her blonde curls.

Amy admitted: “So I complained actually, I never complain so I’m really proud of myself but now I’m shitting myself.

“I’m sitting in my car because I don’t really feel like it because I hate fights so much.”

After having her hair done, Amy confessed that she was still unhappy with the way they styled and colored her hair.

In a separate clip, she said: “So I came back and did it again, and I still wasn’t happy with what they did. I’m a weak little whore too and didn’t want to go back. for the third time so I said nothing.

woman pointing back at her hair with dark roots

The singer-songwriter shared the first attempt on the lounge chair

Amy then revealed her updated locks, which still featured a large dark root that didn’t blend with the rest of her hair, even though she spent two hours in the salon chair.

“It’s not that blocky but it’s still not great, you know what I mean? And the people like that who worked there were really nice, that wasn’t part of the complaint at all I had to go to a wedding on Friday, so I just wanted the block to go away.

“They didn’t get rid of it.

“But when I arrived I said I didn’t want a cut, but they suggested I get one anyway because my hair needed it.

“So I got a cut, now all my curly girls know you’re not supposed to cut your hair when it’s wet because when it dries it’s a lot shorter than you want it to be.

“My hair was cut wet. They also dried my hair on such a high setting that my hair was steaming hot and it burned my scalp a bit too.

woman showing back of hair roots

Amy shared round two of getting her hair done – and she still wasn’t happy

“Those were the two times I went there.”

Amy then asked curly hair specialists in Hampshire for suggestions so her barnet could be fixed.

Shocked by Amy’s “new” news, many people took to the comments to praise her for doing the right thing and complaining.

One person commented, “My mum wrote to my hairdresser after the last time to say I wasn’t happy. I asked for ash, she mixed it with champagne, it was yellow. I feel you it’s so hard.

Another user added, “Looks like they never even touched it.”

As a third person spoke, “Proud of you, can’t wait to see how it goes.”

Someone else noted: “I hear you, I had a shady cut and complained and shivered when I had to go back.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person remarked, “Good for you. I didn’t complain and now I have yellow/orange hair”.

You can follow Amy on TikTok here.

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