Woman shows her curly hair before and after brushing and the difference is stunning

A red-haired woman has had her thick curls compared to a “lion’s mane” by stunned TikTok users who were shocked at the way her hair looked when she brushed it.

Autumn Grace, 21, is tired of being told to run a brush through her braids.

She then took to the app with a sarcastic dance video about the Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande issue in response to constant requests for her to detangle her naturally tight curls.

The clip, which received more than 7.4 million likes, showed @iautumngrace dancing in her bathroom as she styled her thick hair in sections with the caption: “Brush”.

Her hair made a huge transformation from tight curls to a huge ball of frizz that shocked her followers as they compared her hair to a lion or Merida from Disney’s Brave.

One user said, “I want your hair so bad!”

autumn grace

Autumn Grace before brushing her naturally tight curls

Another added: “Like a lion please tell me you are a lion.”

A third said: ‘Dye your hair red while brushing it and behave like Merida then I am and the others too’.

A quarter wrote, “That’s so sweet…”

According to Bustle, curly hair breaks easily and shouldn’t be brushed out when dry because it can cause breakage and split ends. To keep it in shape, it’s best to use a wide-tooth comb when brushing in the shower.

The news comes after a mum claimed she used Poundland’s ‘Fun Time’ lube to keep her hair curly instead of shelling out for expensive serums.

Andrea Rose, a 48-year-old shop assistant from Middlesbrough, told TeesideLive: ‘I was at work and this lovely lady came in for some shopping and bought three bottles of lube for £3.

“I didn’t say anything and just scanned them, but she turned to me and said ‘do you know why I’m buying this?’

“I didn’t really know what to say, so I just said ‘Oh no, why?’ and she basically said someone told her it was as good as using ‘Frizz Ease’ which costs around £8 a bottle when offered.

“I couldn’t believe it when he said it was really good, and with my really curly hair I thought I knew what, for a pound, what did I have to lose?”

autumn grace

TikTok fans compared her hair to a lion or Disney’s Brave Merida

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Andrea insisted she bought the product for a laugh and didn’t expect it to work well.

He added: “I told everyone at work and everyone laughed at me because I bought the tingling sensation, but they couldn’t wait to see how I was doing; so I was happy to say it worked.

“Honestly, it’s like I used an expensive serum on my hair, so I’m not sure if it has similar ingredients, but it sure worked.”

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