Work never goes out of style: 10 ideal destinations to work on vacation

Better distant Brisbane and Auckland or enigmatic Lisbon? Is there a stronger call of nature that surrounds cities like Ottawa, Helsinki or Reykjavik or the central European one of Vienna or Ljubljana (Slovenia)? The Mediterranean climate and the flavors of Nicosia or the modernity of Taipei? This is not the classic game to choose the ideal destination for the next vacation but the list of ten destinations which, according to a study by the digital language learning platform Preply, are the most suitable for a workation, it is the possibility of working remotely in a place usually intended for holidays, combining the pleasure of traveling with the need to continue to practice one’s profession.

In Tenerife a festival dedicated to digital nomadism

Digital nomadism will certainly remain from the Covid effect. Indeed, it is estimated that in 2025, 75% of the active population will be nomadic. Tenerife Digital Nomad is held in Tenerife, a reference point for smart work (it has been dubbed Smart Tourist Destination) thanks to excellent climate and connectivity, nature, safety, low cost of living, tax benefits and adequate infrastructure. to digital nomadism and how technology affects our lives, with analyzes and reflections dedicated to an ever closer future. On the island next to Why Tenerife (a brand created to attract “digital nomads”) work Work & Play Tenerife, which offers around thirty co-working facilities and two “coliving” accommodations that also allow telework.


From Australia to Cyprus: the cities on the podium

74 cities around the world were scrutinized by Preply with respect to ten evaluation parameters, divided into three distinct categories: quality of life, climate and environment, costs and safety. The data collected was then entered into a scoring system so that all destinations could be compared in the same way and from the processing of this data it appears that Brisbane offers the best conditions for working remotely. The merits of the capital of Queensland? The climatic conditions, given the average of 22 degrees, are a guarantee of both well-being and productivity, while other assets are the language (English), a particularly efficient health system and costs (the equivalent of 1,070 euros) which are placed in the middle. Without forgetting the cultural offer of its museums, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art and the Sciencentre, and the botanical gardens of Mount Coot-tha. In second position is another capital, Lisbon, which is above average in almost all the sectors analyzed and stands out for the low price of the average rent, around 870 euros. On the third step of the podium is Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, which responds to a rather low knowledge of English with its 283 sunny days a year (with an average temperature of 20 degrees) and a slightly exceeds 500 euros.

Italy is not a country for smart working

Of the other seven destinations that entered the top ten, some curiosities stand out. In Taipei, for example, the average price of an apartment does not exceed 600 euros and this is all the more reason to think about visiting the skyscraper of the same name 510 meters high or savoring the very wide gastronomic offer. In Reykjavik, on the other hand, the factors to take into account are the costs (this rises to more than 1,380 euros of average rent) and the temperatures (4 degrees) but for lovers of Icelandic nature (volcanoes and geothermal areas of course included) the sacrifice might be absolutely necessary. Is it Italy? If you look at Preply’s “work index”, you immediately notice how Italian destinations for remote work look rather unappetizing in international comparison. In the “quality of life” category in particular, the cities of the Peninsula obtain an insufficient score, with low levels of mastery of the English language and very long urban journey times. Rome and Milan, which we find respectively in 43rd and 50th place in the ranking, are also expensive cities, especially compared to other European destinations, and do not even shine for the climate and the environment.

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