you can keep it under control with this diet

A study has shown that olive oil and the Mediterranean diet are enough to control heart health. Here because.

you can keep it under control with this diet
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New research has shown for the first time that once the disease and its risk factors are under control, olive oil and mediterranean diet they reduce the likelihood of experiencing another event involving the cardiovascular system by 25%. In fact, the Mediterranean diet is well known to control cholesterol, maintain optimal body weight, and prevent hypertension. This new study in particular is more complete because it indicates even more the benefits of this type of diet.

The Mediterranean diet is essential for having patients has ever suffered from an illness cardiovascular, according to researchers from the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine. The aim of the research, which analyzed more than 1,000 people over seven years, is to show which type of diet (Mediterranean or low-fat) was most beneficial in preventing another coronary event. The average age of participants was 59, the age at which the incidence of heart disease is highest. And most of the volunteers were men (82.5%).

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According to a Spanish study, the best diet to promote heart health is Mediterranean

olive oil and heart
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This study showed for the first time that once the disease and its risk factors are under control, if you follow a Mediterranean diet, the likelihood of suffering another cardiovascular event is drastically reduced. Compared to an exclusively low-fat diet, the Mediterranean diet has been shown to be more effective for heart health. She succeeded in reduce the possibility experience a 25% coronary event. Patients most at risk (high blood pressure, overweight or obesity, cholesterol or diabetes) are more likely to suffer several times from cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, if you follow a Mediterranean diet, you avoid the occurrence of another cardiovascular disease, which could be a heart attack, stroke or even sudden death. It is a regime that is distinguished by itshigh consumption of vegetables (fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts), bread and olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the product that made the difference.

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The Mediterranean Diet Foundation establishes a decalogue to follow aPower source that wards off diseases:

  1. Eat lots of plant-based foods (fruits and vegetables);
  2. Daily consumption of dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc.);
  3. Use olive oil as the main fat;
  4. Eat red meat in moderation;
  5. Prefer whole foods;
  6. Fish at least once or twice a week;
  7. Opt for seasonal and fresh products;
  8. The ideal dessert is fruit. In fact, sweets and cakes should be eaten occasionally;
  9. Consume wine in moderation;
  10. Exercise.

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